INFINITE’s Sungjong Leaves Woollim Entertainment

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Good luck on the next chapter of your career, INFINITE’s Sungjong!

Lee Sungjong, the charming maknae of the well-loved boy group INFINITE, has officially bid farewell to his long-time agency, Woollim Entertainment.

The agency recently announced the news to fans. “As of the end of today, INFINITE member Lee Sungjong, with who we have been together for the past 13 years, has decided to wrap up his management work with the company and we will support each other’s future from our respective seats,” the agency said.

Grateful for more than a decade of working together, the agency added, “We express our sincere gratitude to Lee Sungjong, who has been with us for a long time. We would like to thank the fans for always sending him unwavering love. We hope that you will continue to support Lee Sungjong.”

Sungjong’s Heartwarming message

In addition, Sungjong took to his personal Instagram account to share a handwritten letter.

“I’m taking on a new challenge after leaving Woollim, which was with me for a long time. I’m grateful to CEO Lee Joong Yeop and Woollim Entertainment family, who have always been by my side during difficult times, smiling with us when we are happy, and always by our side during difficult times, for 13 years since we were trainees. I will not forget,” he said.

He also gave a sweet shoutout to his fans and group members, “INSPIRIT (official fan club of INFINITE), who always gives infinite love, and our members, thank you and I love you. I will always be by your side. Let’s stay together. I will definitely repay the fans’ love through various activities as Infinite’s member Lee Sungjong in the future.”

Source: My Daily

Photo Credits: Woollim Entertainment | Lee Sungjong’s Instagram