Jo In Sung Hailed As Top Movie Actor In July Brand Reputation Rankings

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Congratulations to renowned actor Jo In Sung for leading the brand reputation rankings for movie actors and actresses this month!

Ending the month with an incredible feat, powerhouse actor Jo In Sung definitely owned the spotlight this July by being the current most sought-after movie star.

Based on the recent report published by the Korean Business Research Institute, Jo In Sung secured the top spot in the brand reputation rankings for movie actors and actresses this month.

The said ranking provided by the organization is based on several factors including consumer participation, participation, social media, communication, and community indices. 

Notably, the Korean Business Research Institute was able to extract a total of 118,451,209 impressions from 50 movie stars from June 30 to July 31. This was 10.70% smaller than the data accumulated by the institute in May. 


IOK Company’s prized actor Jo In Sung proves her massive influence and popularity once again by scoring a total brand reputation index of 4,135,556. 

The handsome and talented artist had a media index of 831,754, a communication index of 1,265,507, and a community index of 1,571,051.
Some of the high-ranking phrases in Jo In Sung’s keyword analysis are his latest hit film “Escape from Mogadishu,” “Kim Yun Seok,” and “Go Hyun Jung.” 

Moreover, the words “appear,” “root for,” and “donate” also appeared in the official list of her high-ranking terms. This proves not only his astounding popularity worldwide but also his great influence over the acting scene.


Bagging the second and third place are veteran actor Cho Seung Woo and Running Man member and talented actress Song Ji Hyo.  Cho remarkably obtained a brand reputation index of 4,118,625, while Song accumulated a brand reputation index of 4,062,773.

Demonstrating their great artistry, famous and well-known actors Park Seo Joon and Hospital Playlist star Jo Jung Suk acquired the precious fourth and fifth spots. Song Joong Ki, Gong Yoo, Moon Chae Won, Seo In Guk and Son Ye Jin placed sixth to tenth, respectively. 

Here are the other well-esteemed and celebrated actors and actresses who entered this month’s Top 30: 

11. Kim Dae Myung

12. Lee Dong Hwi

13. Lee Je Hoon

14. Jang Hye Jin

15. Lee Byung Hun

16. Kim Dong Wook

17. Jin Ki Joo

18. Go Won Hee

19. Lee Kwang Soo

20. Park Hae Jin

21. Kim Hyun Soo

22. Hyun Bin

23. Ryu Jun Yeol

24. Song Seung Heon

25. Sung Dong Il

26. Ma Dong Seok

27. Han Ji Min

28. Oh Jong Hyuk

29. Kim Yun Seok

30. Ha Jung Woo

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Photos from IOK Company and Creative Group ING