AKMU Displays Incredible Chemistry In Recent Marie Claire Korea Pictorial

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Sibling duo AKMU team up for a remarkable and laid-back photoshoot with none other than top magazine Marie Claire Korea.

While donning fashionable and loose ensembles in minimalist colors, the singers exhibited a warm and fresh vibe. Their outfits may look muted but their warm smiles are enough to make the pictorial more eye-catching.

Letting their direct yet enticing gazes do the talking, the talented artists’ visuals were at their peak as they display various fun yet unconventional poses that highlight their wonderful connection.

Stealing spectators’ hearts and attention further, AKMU’s facial expressions, make-up looks, and hairstyles were all on point.

The unique yet comfortable styling brought out their real personality, while their lovely appeal also shone all throughout the layouts. This proves that Chan Hyuk and Soo Hyun’s talents are not only limited to singing but also in nailing every photoshoot they choose to fully and wholeheartedly participate in.


In an accompanying interview, AKMU enthusiastically talked about their second mini album NEXT EPISODE.

Sharing to everyone what it is really all about and how they came up with such an iconic release, the duo said, “We wanted to expand [the album’s] scope with various artists.”

In addition, the duo added that the album has become more colorful with different musicians participating in each track. They also hope that these new songs will reach the public naturally.

When asked about their future goals, AKMU said, “It would be great if we could leave a clear footprint in this generation, just like musicians representing each generation.”

Since they are focused on capturing the attention of each age group through their regular albums, the duo added that they would like to complete the story of a grown-up individual sometime in the future.

Fans can learn more about Chan Hyuk and Soo Hyun’s fun interview and see more lovely photos through the August edition of Marie Claire Korea, its website, and its official social media channels.

Just recently, AKMU also conquered various music charts in South Korea with their latest track “NAKKA” in collaboration with well-esteemed soloist IU.

Source: Sports Donga

Photos from Marie Claire Korea

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