What Transpired During Kang Daniel’s Court Trial Regarding Issue With Agency LM Entertainment

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Today was an eventful day for Kang Daniel (and his fans) as he continues to fight a legal battle against his agency.

Kang Daniel and his agency LM Entertainment faced off in their first court battle over the controversial disputes hounding the former Wanna One member’s contract on April 24.

Photo from Naver x Dispatch

Ahead of the injunction trial, Daniel’s side issued a statement warning of possible claims made by LM Entertainment to defame the idol and smear his reputation.

“This issue is getting massive attention from both the media and the fans. There are a lot of claims not related to the issue which might be made during the hearing to divert from the actual problem,” it said, hoping that the court will focus on the actual issue at hand.

In response, the agency promised, “We will argue with objective facts.” Last month, the singer-rapper-dancer filed a suit against his agency seeking cancellation of his contract due to breaches and violations made.

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“LM Entertainment is making malicious media play,” the idol’s side also pointed out, pertaining to the claims that the agency had been stating prior to the hearing,

Daniel’s legal representative claimed that LM Entertainment signed a partnership with MMO Entertainment, which enables a sharing of exclusive rights to the artist’s contract without his consent. However, the agency continued to insist that Daniel had been aware of the partnership and that it cannot be seen as a transfer of rights.

Revelations and decisions

During the hearing, it was revealed that Gil Jong Hwa, the CEO of LM Entertainment, has handed over a third-party contract to MMO Entertainment. In return, he received ten times of the contract deposit, which is equivalent to fifty million Korean won.

Towards the end of the hearing, LM Entertainment raised a proposition for settlement as it asked if Daniel would keep the exclusive contract once it cancels the joint business contract with MMO Entertainment.

However, the idol’s side had already refused the offer. “Even if the joint business contract is cancelled, it’s difficult to continue with the contract as the trust is already in the level where it is difficult to recover,” they strongly stated.

Following the conclusion of the trial, a court ruling is expected to come out after a month deciding whether the deal made was actually an illegal transfer of contract rights or just a mere investment.


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