Yoon Ji Sung Announces Date For Nearing Military Enlistment

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Surprising news for WANNABLEs and BABALs!

South Korean singer Yoon Ji Sung has announced that he will be officially enlisting in the military on May 14.

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On April 25, the former Wanna One member shared a heartwarming message through his fan cafe.

A touching message

Before revealing the big news, Yoon first greeted his fans, “Hi. This is Yoon Ji Sung. Did you all have a good day? I’m writing on the fan cafe like this because there’s something I want to tell you first. ”

“I’ll be enlisting on May 14. I think there will be some BABAL who are surprised and some who accept it calmly. I feel sorry to BABAL because I think you’ve been made to go through farewells a lot this year, so I feel more sorry for that than anything else,” he candidly added.

Additionally, the singer expressed his confidence in his fans. “Still, I’m not worried about BABAL. I think the BABAL who have watched over me until now are strong. So I have no worries,” Yoon admitted.

With just 20 days before he begins his mandatory service, he also made a simple yet touching promise to fans by saying, “Don’t worry about me either, BABAL. I’ll return in good health and safely.”

“We still have many days where we’ll see each other! Let’s plan to say everything else at the fan meeting. I’m sorry for saying this before the album is released,” he said.

Meanwhile, gifting fans with a memorable present, Yoon is set to release his special album Dear Diary on April 25, 6 P.M.

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