Comedian Kim Jun Ho Ends His 12-Year Marriage With Stage Actress Kim Eun Young

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During those years of marriage, there were at least 11 years that Kim Jun Ho and his wife lived apart from each other.

On Januar 23, comedian Kim Jun Ho reportedly decided to file the divorce with his wife, who is known as the stage actress Kim Eun Young, after 12 years of marriage.

JDB Entertainment later made an official statement to confirm the comedian’s current status. It said: “Kim Jun Ho recently decided to end the marriage, and after amicable agreement, they have finalized their divorce.”

KBS World

The agency further revealed the reason why the couple made this decision after 12 years of being husband and wife, saying: “Since they spent a long time apart, they naturally drifted apart. They have come to this inevitable decision for their future.”

Kim Jun Ho and his spouse tied the knot in March 2006 after six years of dating. They started to drift apart from each other as his wife was busy with her work in the Philippines.

Earlier on, after the marriage, Kim revealed on a TV show that his wife was expected to pursue further education overseas. He shared: “After marrying my wife, I asked her if there was something that she wanted to do before having a child, and she said she wanted to study abroad for a year. So I sent her to the Philippines. But a year later, she said she wanted to do business there.”

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