Actor Kim Seon Ho Caught In The Act Fanboying BTS’ Jimin

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Start-Up actor Kim Seon Ho shared some fanboying moments in unboxing DICON’s newest magazine cover of BTS’ Jimin photobook package.

(Photo: Noblesse Men)

Recently, DICON magazine released its newest and hottest cover for the month of December, and it was none other than one of the most-loved K-pop boy group, BTS. 

(Photo: Noblesse Men)

On December 27, in Dispatch Korea’s “Deaser” YouTube and Kim Seon Ho’s “CrispyV” YouTube shared a video of the actor unboxing Jimin’s magazine.

Kim Seon Ho started off by complimenting that the product came out so well and Jimin looks really cool on the cover.

After going through the pages, Kim Seon Ho said that he would try to read the interview about Jimin for the ARMYs watching. He started by reading his favorite part in Jimin’s magazine interview.

The question asked is “Do you have further goals to achieve since people said ‘now you only have to aim for the grammy awards’?”

Jimin answered, “I just want to be happy doing what I’m doing just like now.”

Kim Seon Ho was amazed by how Jimin nailed to answering the question. The Start-Up actor even shared that he has the same thought with Jimin as it is important for him to be happy in doing what he is doing. He even praised Jimin for giving a very meaningful answer. 

As soon as he read the interview part, Kim Seon Ho started to browse every page and was captivated by Jimin’s beauty. He even picked the best picture of Jimin for him.

Kim Seon Ho confessed why he chose that photo, “The reason why I pick this is it’s written here ‘This is how a sexy man looks like’,” pertaining to the magazine photo of Jimin.

Kim Seon Ho shared that he has been doing some magazine shoots lately and he wants to try a sexy look, that’s why he is continuously looking for a lot of inspirations. He confidently shared that he will look up to Jimin as his model reference.

You can enjoy watching the video below:

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