Male stars show support for 2012 London Olympics

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In honor of the upcoming 2012 London Olympics, InStyle magazine held an exclusive photo shoot with the help of four photographers and fourteen male celebrities. The selected models displayed their sportsmen spirit in activities varying from tennis to shooting.

Lee Dong Wook poses with a paddle next to a canoe, Lee Min Ki dons a white suit while holding fencing equipment, Lee Seon Kyun casually poses with a gun, Park Gun Hyung hits a tennis ball with determination, Lee Sang Woo boxes a punching bag, EXO-K poses with hockey equipment, and Lee Jin Wook poses in front of a goal with a handball. Bae Su Bin‘s promotional photo for archery and Jung Gyu Woon‘s photo for horse-racing are to be unveiled.

These fourteen Olympians and their support messages for the Olympics can be found in the August issue of InStyle magazine. Check out the photos below.


Source: Couch Kimchijongini

Photos: Couch Kimchi

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