MONSTA X’s “Night View” Peaks At Number 13 On Billboard World Digital Song Sales Chart

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What a perfect birthday gift to MONSTA X’s I.M as his self-composed track ranks 13 on the Billboard World Digital Song Sales chart!

MONBEBE had another thing to celebrate with MONSTA X on January 26, aside from I.M’s birthday as his self-composed track “Night View” sees itself on the Billboard chart at number 13.

MONSTA X Night View Billboard Chart

Described as a track with a surreal electro-pop beat creating a tranquil ambiance, “Night View” is a perfect song accompaniment while on a chilling drive in the middle of the night. Particularly, “Night View” could be your go-to music when you just want to sit back, stare at plain nothing, thinking about the days where you can freely have a stroll outside under the bright light of the moon.

The moment the song begins with I.M’s hushed husky notes, it is also the start of the comprehension that “Night View” will clearly captivate you in its every tune. With Minhyuk and Hyungwon’s melodious voices going back and forth each other, a sentimental yet heart-melting feeling sends to all those who listen.

On the other hand, Shownu’s take on the pre-chorus calls for a magical ambiance with his subdued high notes that could probably build its own empire. Kihyun, of course, conquers everything with his breathtaking falsetto, proving his worth as MONSTA X’s trustworthy main vocalist. Moving forward the song, Joohoney’s relaxed yet riveting rap verses dominates as he brilliantly compares the feeling of being in love with a supercar.

Previously during MONSTA X’s comeback show, I.M had mentioned the behind the scenes for how he created his masterpiece. He was doing the mixing for “Night View” in his workroom, holding a Bombay bottle as he sentimentally looks outside the window where the moon shines.

In I.M’s perspective through the bottle, the moon looked blue, inspiring him to write the lyrics for the song at that very moment. With this revelation, the members gave bountiful compliments to their youngest while Joohoney pointed out that it perfectly fits I.M’s personality.

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Relatively, prior to “Night View”, MONSTA X’s “Nobody Else” also entered the Billboard World Digital Song Sales chart last week as a celebration of Hyungwon’s birthday.

Meanwhile, Minhyuk and I.M recently lent their visuals and stylish vibes for a pictorial with Vogue. MONSTA X also becomes the new face of the global makeup brand, Urban Decay, and has started its official activities as endorsers for the brand as they grace the cover of Beauty+ magazine’s February issue. Furthermore, I.M will also release his first solo at the end of February, heightening anticipation on what type of music MONSTA X’s seasoned youngest will offer this time.

Source: Billboard