NCT’s Jungwoo & Stray Kids’ Lee Know Join Kim Minju As New “Music Core” MCs

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South Korean television network MBC has finally revealed the new MCs for its popular music show Show! Music Core!

Surprising fans with an exciting treat, MBC has announced the new lineup of MCs who will lead its weekly music program titled Music Core, alongside existing host Kim Minju.

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On August 9, MBC announced that their well-loved program will have two new male MCs who will make viewer’s watching experience unforgettable, fun, and exciting.

The program’s PD, who is still over the moon with the new trio, said, “We are expecting that the bright energy of Jungwoo and Lee Know, who joined as MCs, will breathe new vitality into the program, as well as create a lovely synergy with Minju, the existing MC.”

Following Stray Kids’ Hyunjin and SF9 Chani’s departure, NCT’s Jungwoo and Stray Kids’ Lee Know will take on the new role as hosts in upcoming live broadcasts, together with Minju.

Music Core airs every Saturday and features the most popular K-Pop artists who present their new songs live and on stage. It also serves as artists’ platform to showcase their talents and abilities in singing and dancing.

With the induction of Lee Know and Jungwoo, expectations are now rising regarding what kind of chemistry the three idols will present, as well as the atmosphere they will present each episode.


Jungwoo officially debuted in 2018 as a member of the popular group NCT. He specifically joined the NCT U unit as the main vocalist and lead dancer and swept fans’ heart with their song “Boss.” He later on joined NCT 127 as the lead vocalist and lead dancer and delivered wonderful appearances to NCTzens worldwide.

As one of his group’s mood makers, Jungwoo will surely put more color to every episode by putting his vibrant and lovely energy in action.

Music Core‘s other new host is none other than Lee Know. He debuted in 2018 as part of the leading fourth generation group Stray Kids. Known for his incredible skills in dancing and singing, he continues to stun everyone with his incredible talents, along with his unique personality.

As one of the eldest members in his group, it will be quite interesting to see what kind of image Lee Know will show in the broadcasts.


Expressing his gratitude during the poster shoot session, Jungwoo said, “It’s an honor to be able to stand as the MC of Show! Music Core. I will work hard to become an MC that brings happiness to everyone in a lively and pleasant way every week.”

Meanwhile, Lee Know also expressed his excitement by saying, “Although it is a burden to be in an honorable position, I will become an MC who makes a mark on ‘Music Core’ with a progressively developing image.”

Minju, who have been working really hard to make the show engaging for few months now stated that she will display her fun and energetic side every Saturdays with the new MCs.

Jungwoo, Lee Know, and Minju will take on their hosting duties starting August 14 at 3:20 PM KST. Fans should further look out for a special stage performance prepared by the trio as it will display their charms and versatility as idols.

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