Sandara Park Makes a Generous Donation to Help Abandoned Animals

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Sandara Park’s beautiful face is clearly a reflection of her equally beautiful heart!

The former 2NE1 singer expressed her love for animals by making a generous donation to help abandoned pets.

Sandara park

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A Queen with a Beautiful Heart

Sandara Park took to social media to post images of herself at the Korean Animal Welfare Association in Namyangju in Gyeonggi province.

In the caption of her photos, the K-Pop star and avid YouTube vlogger shared her excitement for meeting all the cute animals and even encouraged her followers to consider adopting a new fur baby from the organization.

Her caption read:

“I visited the Korean Animal Welfare Association in Namyangju together with Dr. Dog. I donated some food and visited the dogs and cats who are growing up well after being rescued from difficult circumstances. They were so cute. A lot of these babies are waiting for families! To those looking to make a pet part of their family, please think carefully before you adopt. A lot of my acquaintances contacted me asking if they could come with me next time, and I realized that there are still a lot of warmhearted people in the world. It was a heartwarming day. Let’s love each other and stay healthy and happy.”

Spreading Awareness About Animal Welfare

The meaningful gesture garnered over 150,000 likes on Instagram and elicited a plethora of positive comments from fans and friends who lauded her magnanimity. Her act of kindness may even have made ripples that reached people who would like to help out as well.

Taking proper care of your pets is essential, as animals deserve just as much love as humans do. Congrats on being such a light in the world, Sandara Park!

Source Instagram @daraxxi

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