SF9 Celebrates With Their Second Music Show Win On Chani’s Birthday Through Music Bank

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A happy, happy birthday for Chani and their 1200th day as a group is definitely up as SF9 nabs their second music show win!

Fresh from their emotional first win yesterday, SF9 has successfully taken home their second music show win on January 17 through Music Bank!


Bringing on a beautiful victory just in time for the birthday of their youngest member Chani and their 1200th day anniversary since debut, the boy group saw a heartwarming return of their hard work as they received another trophy after triumphing over Red Velvet for today’s episode of Music Bank!

Collecting a total of 5,185 points, the group made everyone emotional with the shock on their faces as they get announced as today’s winners. As if the tears they shed on stage after getting their first-ever music show win since debut on the 16th didn’t fill up an ocean yet, the members emotionally delivered their gratitude to fans for the very special gift they received once again.


Daebak! (Amazing!)” was the first thing that Inseong said, conveying just how speechless the entire group had been at their unexpected win.

“I’m sorry, I really didn’t expect that we’d win! First of all, thank you to our FANTASY!” Youngbin said as he tried to come up with words as he listed people to thank in addition to their fans, including their main producer, manager, and more.


“We were able to win thanks to FANTASY! I couldn’t say anything properly yesterday but I think I can do it today. Thank you FANTASY!” Dawon said as he stepped up.

“Thank you for this unexpected gift! We’ll continue to work harder and become better singers. Thank you so much!” Inseong also told their fans.

In celebration of this special event and Chani’s birthday, the group fed their maknae a bowl of rice soup on stage. Meanwhile, fans expressed how happy and proud they were of the group’s continuing achievements through the hashtag #SF92ndWin on Twitter.

Congratulations to SF9 for this well-deserved second win!

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Screengrabs from Music Bank


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