Ji Chang Wook & Kang Ha Neul Lead Additional Special Musical Run For “Shinheung Military Academy”

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In time for the celebration of Korea’s freedom movement, Shinheung Military Academy will add a new series of performances.

Upgraded with new additions, well-received musical Shinheung Military Academy, which ran a national tour from September 2018 to January 2019, scores another showcase period.

Shinheung Military Academy

Thanks to its popularity, the musical is being performed again to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Provisional Government of Korea. It also highlights the celebratory appreciation on the March 1st Movement.

On March 5, Lee Jin Ki, Jo Kwon and Go Eun Sung joined Ji Chang Wook, Kim Ha Neul and Kim Sung Gyu at the BBCH hall of Kwangrim Arts Center in Gangnam, Seoul. They are set to passionately depict the cast of youth clamoring for independence.

Shinheung Military Academy

The musical captures the painstaking life of freedom fighters at the forefront of the fight for independence against the Japanese empire.

Set between 1907 to 1920, Shinheung Military Academy illuminates the lives of ordinary young people who established a military school in Manchuria to conspire ways in fighting the Japanese imperial army.

Features in the musical includes historical events such as the dissolution of the Imperial Army, the Korean War, and the Battle of Bongo-dong.

Shinheung Military Academy

Taking pages from Korean history, Shinheung Military Academy is considered a cradle of the National Army. Moreover, it is a stepping stone for establishing the interim government of the Republic of Korea.

Ji Chang Wook, who graced the event said, “It is an honor to participate in meaningful works. I would like you to see our performances and feel the hearts of our ancestors who had been independent activists 100 years ago.”

The Shinheung Military Academy will be performed at the BBCH Hall of Kwangrim Art Center until April 21.

Shinheung Military Academy