Takahashi Juri Signs Her Career In Korea To Woollim Entertainment

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Takahashi Juri has a bright future ahead of her with Woollim Entertainment.

Takahashi Juri shared an official announcement regarding her graduation from AKB48 on March 4. She also shared news about her exclusive contract with Woollim Entertainment which she will debut in a new girl group under. To prepare for her debut, she was already in Korea in February.

Takahashi Juri

Debuted in 2012, she stayed with AKB48 for almost eight years. The singer shared that her graduation from the group was a big decision. She will forever be grateful to the group and her fans. However, she stated she is not satisfied with herself at the moment and thinks that she would shine more in the future. With those thoughts in mind, she signed the contract with Woollim after the decision to graduate from her Japanese group.

Takahashi Juri also said that since she did not make it to the final team for Produce 48, she had lots of worries and doubts. Nevertheless, she hopes she can further her career with her Korean debut. The goddess dancer has fans both in Japan and Korea. Dubbed as a complete-dol who is capable of vocals, visuals, dance and charisma, she is set to flourish in the K-Pop community.

Woollim Entertainment is currently the home of INFINITE, Lovelyz, and Golden Child. She will be the company’s newest foreigner member after the K-Pop duo, TASTY.

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