TWICE Begins New Era With Pre-Release English Single “MOONLIGHT SUNRISE”

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TWICE is here!

Asia’s top girl group TWICE dropped their newest English single “MOONLIGHT SUNRISE” on January 20, delighting fans with the exciting start of a new era.

Before the release of their new mini-album in March, TWICE pre-released the English single “MOONLIGHT SUNRISE” on January 20, and will launch a signal flare in 2023. The new song is an original English single released by the K-pop nonet about a year and three months after the first English single “The Feels” debuted, which set the record for the first time to enter the US Billboard main chart Hot 100.

Previously, various teasing contents such as announcement images, individual and group concept photos, highlight music videos, and two music video teasers were opened sequentially on the official SNS channel and raised expectations. The concept image showed the deep eyes and mysterious charm of the nine members, and the music video teaser expressing deep emotions also caught the attention of domestic and foreign fans. Attention is also focused on the performance of the new song, which contains gestures that attract love as if by magic.

The new single “MOONLIGHT SUNRISE,” which means “moonlight” and “morning glow,” is a Miami-based pop song that doubles the group’s unique loveliness. The romantic lyrics “moonlight sunrise Oh baby Just to make you stay moonlight, sunrise baby, let’s do it all night moonlight sunrise I guarantee I gotcha” on top of the sweet melody are expected to stimulate listeners’ emotions.

Meanwhile, the music video for “MOONLIGHT SUNRISE” has already reached 35 million views on YouTube as of January 25 at midnight KST.

Watch TWICE’s “MOONLIGHT SUNRISE” music video below:

Source: iMBC | JYP Entertainment