2018 Korean Drama Quick Reviews: “Where Stars Land” & “Come And Hug Me”

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2018 has been generous to viewers in giving great dramas with unique story lines. Come and Hug Me and Where Stars Land are among those.

There have been several 2018 Korean dramas that made an impact on viewers with excellent acting, exciting story lines and memorable sound tracks. Come and Hug Me thrilled viewers with its suspenseful father-son battle. Our heartstrings were also tugged by the melodramatic romance between the main leads.

Where Stars Land was an enjoyable light drama. The drama afforded its viewers with an inside look of airport life. We caught a glimpse of the hard work which the airport staff must go through every day to ensure convenience and safety for the passengers.

Come and Hug Me (MBC)

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Come and Hug Me tugged at my hearts plenty of times and brought out deep emotions in me that I didn’t know I could still feel. The story follows the young lovers. Gil Nak Won/Han Jae Yi (brilliantly played by Jin Ki Joo) and Yoon Na Moo/Choi Do Jin (Jang Ki Yong did an excellent job with this role) met as teenagers and fell in love. A tragedy separates them, as Yoon Hee Jae, a psychotic serial killer, who also happens to be Yoon Na Moo’s father, cruelly murders Gil Nak Won’s parents. He goes to prison and writes an autobiography that becomes an instant hit but the two teenagers are unable to move on because of him.

Fast forward 12 years later, they cross paths once again, this time as adults tormented by the past. Yoon Na Moo, now known as Choi Do Jin, carries the guilt and shame of being a murderer’s son. Thus, he works hard to be the total opposite of his father. Gil Nak Won, now known as Han Jae Yi, is still as bright as she was before. But now she suffers from PTSD. She is trying to make it as an actress, but monsters from their past come back to haunt her.

What I liked about this drama was how steady the story developed from beginning to  end. It’s not your usual kind of drama wherein the plot gets brushed off in favor of the romance. In fact, the romance was low-key all throughout the drama, but the actors portrayed believable lovers. They showed that, in spite of their past, they really and truly loved each other. This is a must-watch for fans of Jang Ki Yong because he stepped out of his comfort zone here. He truly embraced the tortured character of Na Moo.


Where Stars Land (SBS)

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Where Stars Land

Where Stars Land is a drama set in one of the busiest airports of South Korea, Incheon Airport. The drama follows the airport staff and their daily lives in work and personal lives.

Lee Soo Yeon (Lee Je Hoon) and Seo In Woo (Lee Dong Gun) are stepbrothers who separated ways after a tragic accident. Soo Yeon is now permanently disabled as his arm and leg are immobile. Years later, the two meet again as they both work in the same office inside the Incheon Airport. Soo Yeon hates his hyung for having abandoned him years ago, while In Woo struggles to keep the truth from his younger brother.

Soo Yeon is secretly in love with Han Yeo Reum (Chae Soo Bin) but she has had no idea that he even exists, but they also coincidentally start working in the same team and eventually fall in love.

The drama is entertaining albeit a little confusing. It seems that the writers may be a bit ambitious in trying to tie up several plot lines together. It ends up a bit of a tangled mess. It’s still a good watch as the actors did well, but sadly this drama is forgettable as soon as you end it.


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