K-Drama Review: “Diary Of A Prosecutor” Exposes Existent Stories And Daily Lives Of Prosecutors

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Diary of A Prosecutor recounts realistic and disheveled sides of prosecutors

Afar from the accustomed images possessed in almost all K-Dramas where the lead characters are refined and perfect, Diary of A Prosecutor demonstrates otherwise. The drama partakes the prosecutors’ pragmatic personalities and how they deal with their personal affairs and cases.

Title: Diary of A Prosecutor
Network: jTBC
Theme: Comedy, Legal
Length: 16 episodes
Broadcast date: December 16, 2019 – February 11, 2020
Main leads: Lee Sun Gyun, Jung Ryeo Won
Overall rating:
Re-watch value:

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Quick Plot Roundup

Set in the humble town of Jinyeong, Diary of A Prosecutor depicts the lives of prosecutors at Jinyeong’s Prosecutor’s Office. While most of them struggle to get through with their own lives, some fight for injustices and wrongful deeds done by different kinds of people.

Lee Sun Woong seems to be the typical prosecutor, but aside from his looks, his colleagues applaud him for being fearless in handling criminal cases. Suddenly, his junior from college Cha Myung Joo got transferred to Jinyeong. Soon, more stories unfold as more cases are solved by the prosecutors at Jinyeong Prosecutor’s Office.

Diary of a Prosecutor


Realistic Kick of the Plot

While most of the prosecutors portrayed in several dramas had the glamorous life and heroic ending in solving cases, Diary of A Prosecutor conflicts these ideas at all. This drama offers a humane representation of prosecutors.

It carefully wraps cultural and socio-political issues in present times. When we thought that the case ends favoring the weak and poor, we are suddenly slammed by the naked truth that things don’t always go the way we wanted to. Still, what makes the drama highly commendable is that the whole production made such an earthly and sensible drama that destroys all stereotypes built towards prosecutors and legal workers.

Diary of a Prosecutor Genius and Wit Infused Screenplay

Several prosecutor dramas plummets into humorless and crucial topic. In contrary with that, Diary of a Prosecutor serves a slap that not all things end beautifully— because that’s the main concept of life. Life can’t be treated seriously, in such manner that in several situation, we may lighten a little bit and have fun.

It was both an extraordinary comedy as well as a great procedural drama tackling common elements and the humanism of prosecutors. Life lessons aren’t just the things the viewers can acquire all throughout the drama, but also the technical methods and form in solving cases.

Cleared cases are good news — not until every perspective has been exposed. It instills an advice not to be prejudiced by only looking at one point of view. Because sometimes the things that may seem real may not be true. And in order to achieve justice, personal emotions should not get in the way — being rational at all times is the best way possible to solve the cases and mysteries.

Winsome and Amendable Characters

In various K-Dramas, the relationship built by the characters in the story often makes viewers reflect. Frequently, they are highly admired for the strong bond they established. Diary of a Prosecutor can probably flaunt this one too. The resolute and firm connection created by the five prosecutors is highly commendable.

They prove that they are not just merely colleagues but a family too — a family member that is willing to give a hand in times of hardships; a family selfless and willing to look out for you. Their strong relationship is tested for several times, yet, they remain unwavering. They are courageous and tough in battling the greatest trials in life — whatever it may be, career, family or even their own dreams.

Diary of a Prosecutor

Series Afterthoughts

Diary of a Prosecutor is a simple story of legal professionals experiencing life’s trials and joys like how a normal human being live. There is nothing astonishing, romantic, or action-packed but for someone who values growth will truly sees the beauty of this masterpiece.

It is a meaningful drama wrapped together with a little bit of humor. More importantly, it is a heartwarming and quirky slice of life surrounding a group of prosecutors in the countryside.

There is humor, sentiment, and heartfelt drama. Overall, it is a diary about ordinary people like us, the only difference is that their jobs are prosecutors.

Diary of a Prosecutor


Prosecutor dramas and legal setting often embrace themes such as prestige and clout. There is an indication where the main characters should always end in a good note. But, Diary of a Prosecutor overlooked this kind of convention. It withdraws from the usual “sweet damsel in distress”. The heroine of the drama possesses a strong personality and leaves a highly regarded impression.

Diary of a Prosecutor may belong to one of the typical dramas made, nonetheless, the greatest lessons and representation of human lives greatly influenced its patrons to appreciate it even more.

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