K-Drama Review: “My Fellow Citizens”, An Entertaining Political Drama That Leaves You Satisfied

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My Fellow Citizens isn’t your typical political drama.

It is a tongue-in-cheek parody of the usual serious political drama. The characters are likable, honest and realistic. The writers made it a point to show the human side of the characters, and that includes their weaknesses, and tendencies to lie and conceal.

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Con artist Yan Jung Kook used to stop at nothing when it comes to conning people. Until he falls in love and marries Kim Mi Young, that is. Unfortunately for Jung Kook, he married a police detective and he is therefore unable to reveal his true identity. Jung Kook managed to get away with his secret until Park Hoo Ja goes after him. Hoo Ja, the rich daughter of Jung Kook’s last victim, returns to avenge her father. She threatens to reveal Jung Kook’s true identity and destroy his family if he didn’t do what she wanted him to do… run for the assembly.


The charm of My Fellow Citizens lied in how the story was told. The pace of the story went fast, almost as if they had so much they wanted to say, and not enough time to tell their story. Therefore, much relied on the lead actor, Choi Si Won. Did he deliver? You bet he did.

Choi Si Won: Multi-talented Superstar


It’s no secret that I’m a Choi Si Won fan. Since he broke my heart in She Was Pretty, I’ve been rooting for him in every drama he starred in after enlistment. At first, the story line of My Fellow Citizens failed to catch my attention. I tuned in because of the actor, not because I found the story particularly interesting.

Oh, but how I enjoyed this drama. After the first few minutes, the drama hooked me in. And not by Si Won’s deep and beautiful dimples. But the story itself was entertaining. It was refreshing because they didn’t take themselves too seriously. It’s almost as if they poked fun at the situation, a con man running for the assembly? But they delivered.

Choi had a lot to do with the success of the story for me. He brought out all his acting chops for his drama. For a moment, I forgot he was a Super Junior entertainer owing to his portrayal as an actor. All I saw was con man Jung Kook who did everything he could for his beloved Mi Young.

His acting as a con artist was entertaining because he was smooth as silk. He was earnest and sincere, even as a con artist. At first, he did the con with a devil-may-care attitude. But after marrying Mi Young, Jung Kook changed, although subtly at first.

The Rest of The Cast Brought Their A-Game Too


In particular, Lee Yoo Young was simply a contradiction. She looks like a delicate flower but she’s actually a tough-as-nails firecracker. Mi Young stepped up to support and protect her husband, even when she didn’t agree with his decisions. She dealt with her own problems at work and it’s refreshing to see a woman play such a tough character.


Kim Min Jung’s portrayal of Park Hoo Ja isn’t your typical villain. I feel like the dutiful daughter was pushed to avenge her father and take on his role, even if it meant trampling all over her other sisters. At first, I thought her character was tough and had no human emotions. Oh, but how she cried when her dad died. It broke my heart, and endeared Hoo Ja to me.



The one and only drawback I have about My Fellow Citizens was the cat and mouse chase between Park Hoo Ja and Jung Kook. But not all the time though. The chase started when Hoo Ja threatened Jung Kook. Because of Mi Young, he reluctantly agreed to what she asked for. But once in awhile, Jung Kook resisted and went against Hoo Ja’s commands. In return, Hoo Ja’s threats became bigger and heavier, forcing Jung Kook to comply again. It went on for awhile until Jung Kook won the elections. But again, it’s not a big drawback. It still worked in the story and brought so much entertainment to the episodes.


Are you tired of heavy political dramas? Do you just want to watch to be entertained? Then My Fellow Citizens is the drama for you. It is not a light drama that’s all fluff and no substance, but it’s not so heavy that it leaves you dry and depressed. The drama has the right amount of issues and problems but it takes itself so lightly that you’re not burdened by the scenes.

Every character has their own quirks and I’m sure that each of them will endear themselves to you as well.

My Fellow Citizens is also available on Viu.

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