KARD Returns As A Group Of Musical Gods With ‘Dumb Litty’

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KARD managed to continue their triumphant stride across the Hallyu music wave.

KARD officially came back on September 21. They appear as proudly unaffected by haters bringing them down. It seems as if they managed to make an anthem fit for empowerment. The theme is inspired by Greek and Norse gods like Aphrodite, Thor, Ares and Athena, to name a few. Produced by BM, “Dumb Litty” aims to set a higher expectation than previous tracks.

The video opens with a glimpse of the fierce choreography they have in store for the whole video. Jiwoo starts off a bold verse, setting the cutthroat atmosphere of the whole video. She dons a sword showing how incredibly dangerous she is and how she is ready for battle in her gladiator outfit. BM’s verse comes in after shutting down the people calling him ‘bad boy’. He poses with a sledgehammer and like Thor with his hammer, he appears alarmingly threatening.

Somin sweeps away the drama with her seductive looks. Her tantalizing gazes gives her the power and control over the viewers. A throne fit for a king is suitable for J.Seph as he comes in with the chorus, followed by his own rap verse. Their overall atmosphere introduces them as the kids your parents warned you about. They perform like blazing fire and each set is more intense than the last one.

The track is a combination of hip hop and electronic music setting a rebellious and sharp sound. The vocals and rapping conveys a unified emotion as well as an unapologetic attitude. It’s a party anthem for people who don’t care about the drama. They just want to have fun and be themselves.

KARD dominated their own musical color by releasing powerful and seductive tracks. “Dumb Litty” followed their last explosive hit, “Bomb Bomb”. Their new track seemed a little bit lacking compared to their last one but their still retained their fiery spirit. Nevertheless, it’s further proof that KARD will always be synonymous with intensity and power.

Watch the music video below.

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Image Credit: DSP Media

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