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K-Drama Premiere: “Miss Hammurabi” Beams with Entertaining Courtroom Judges Working On Civil Cases

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Go Ah Ra, Sung Dong Il and Kim Myung Soo interestingly combine the right amount of drama energy as the courtroom judges in jTBC’s latest offering, Miss Hammurabi.

Based on the novel Miss Hammurabi written by Moon Yoo Seok, the incumbent chief judge of Seoul Eastern District Court, the series features the faces of justice experts tackling disputes raised by the citizens.

From trivial to impossible local discords, the lead judges of Civil Case Department 44 amuse, with how their personalities and principles collide in the rulings tasked on their team.

The looming love story also added to the charming opening week as it hinted a future delightful romance for the detached hero and his first love, who he meets again as a fellow court judge.

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Miss Hammurabi

Pilot Week Recap

Park Cha Oh Reum (Go Ah Ra) takes the role of a rookie judge, who aspires to change the unapproachable presence of court judges. Her emotional tendencies pushes her to don a superhero complex in trying to help people in need of proper justice. On her first day, she bumps into Im Ba Reun (Kim Myung Soo), who coincidentally gets transferred to the same court department where she will begin her career with.

Ba Reun, who has nothing but a reputable career to boast on, is constantly forced by his mother for arranged dates with daughters of rich and famous families in order to compensate for their lack of it. Coming from a poor family background, he has been resigned to focus on working. So when he bumps into his first love of high school, he confronts hiding his old feelings, which keeps on resurfacing cutely, while maintaining his professional role as her mentor.

The two are assigned to work with Judge Han Se Sang (Sung Dong Il), a veteran judge of 20 years, who is notoriously famous for his unfazed attitude and strong temperament.

With the latter’s unrelenting point of views, plus Ba Reun’s apathetic attitude and Oh Reum’s urges to uphold her idealistic views as a champion of justice, the team will embark on dealing with civilian problems, which leave life lessons along the way.

Miss Hammurabi

Pilot Week Verdict

The zesty vibe and comic sketching of the characters contributed to the impressive opening week ratings of Miss Hammurabi. The supporting cast members, Ryu Duk Hwan and Lee Elijah, also stood out with the personas tasked on them.

It promises an engaging watch based on the relatable legal drama landscape which the cast will be moving in. Actually,  I think what makes this different from the previous legal dramas will be how the conflicts raised are typical neighborhood problems that will leave a lasting impression for the viewers. Because feeling the sentiments of the highlighted issue is inevitable. More so, the writing interestingly connects to the core values of the lead characters who will whirl the comforting pep talks and life affirming insights of the future episodes.

Miss Hammurabi airs on jTBC, every Monday and Tuesday.

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