K-Drama Premiere: Sung Hoon And Han Bo Reum “Level Up” On Premiere Week

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MBN’s newest romantic drama Level Up sets the stage for a brilliant run on its premiere week.

Sung Hoon and Han Bo Reum both embrace their roles fully as they settle in on a romantic game of love. Despite a rocky beginning for the couple, their chemistry is palpable in Level Up.


Sung Hoon plays the role of An Dan Te, who specializes in saving companies about to go bankrupt. He has a 100% success rate when he gets assigned to save the flailing gaming company, Joybuster. Dan Te does everything he can to avoid the project, simply because he hates video games.

Meanwhile, Han Bo Reum takes on the role of Shin Yeon Hwa, who’s known as “Miss Easy Work”. Because of an unfortunate incident with the company’s documentary, Joybuster shareholders blame Yeon Hwa for the company’s bankruptcy.



After the Joybuster CEO announces that the company is going bankrupt, Yeon Hwa has to go to Busan to tear down the company’s booth in the conference. Coincidentally, she sits next to Dan Te on the train. She overhears him mention her company’s name, so she mistakes him to be one of the shareholders harassing her. Yeon Hwa sneaks into the back and hides from Dan Te for the rest of the trip.

Coincidentally, both Yeon Hwa and Dan Te head to the same building. Yeon Hwa tries to hide, however Dan Te spots their Joybuster booth and walks over. Yeon Hwa mistakes Dan Te’s raised hand as punishment for her and runs away. Furthermore, Dan Te is also staying at the same sharehouse that Yeon Hwa is at, and they have a confrontation. This leads to Dan Te landing in the hospital, where he gets a good night’s sleep.


The next day, Yeon Hwa discovers that her game proposal was stolen by her former colleague. She tries to fight for herself, but Dan Te steps in. He embarasses Yeon Hwa until she walks out. Seething, Yeon Hwa can’t get over what Dan Te did. Dan Te spends the day with Ya Chae while Yeon Hwa is consoled by Han Cheol.

Meanwhile, Dan Te faces a tragedy upon his return to Seoul. His father and stepmother both die in a fire, leaving him to care for his younger stepbrother. It’s revealed that Dan Te’s father used to run an arcade, where it was so noisy that his father was unable to remember sad memories of Dan Te’s mother. Dan Te follows his father’s strategy and finally agrees to take on Joybuster.


While the story is interesting for me and I followed the pilot episodes faithfully, I have to admit that there were scenes that I tuned out. The first episode was particularly boring, although I can’t figure out why. I love how the lead characters are introduced and developed in the first episodes.

I do think that Dan Te and Yeon Hwa have chemistry, however, in the scenes I’ve seen so far, I’ve been leaning towards Han Cheol. He’s been a great supporter to Yeon Hwa and I love the way he’s taking care of her. Poor boy has his heart on his sleeve.

Sung Hoon’s forte has always been the rich but mean CEO or manager. He has the arrogant look in his eyes, so it’s refreshing to see him ridiculed once in a while in the first two episodes. I’m hoping for a bit more shedding of his cool persona in the upcoming episodes.

Speaking of which, I’m looking forward to the rest of the drama. I’m eager to see how Yeon Hwa and Dan Te will team up to save Joybuster. Moreover, I’d like to see Nexviper go down the drain for stealing Yeon Hwa’s game proposal.

Level Up airs every Wednesday and Thursday on MBN.