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K-Drama Premiere: “Tale Of Fairy” Starts Shaky But Wins Points For Enchanting Premise

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Albeit a messy debut week narration, Tale of Fairy easily baits with its fantasy-romance setting.

Based on webtoon Tale of Gyeryong Fairy (계룡선녀전) by Dol Bae, tvN’s latest Monday-Tuesday series eagerly vaunts a bewitching tale of a fairy, who has been searching for her husband’s reincarnation, whom she lost 699 years ago.

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Tale of Fairy


Yes, we are talking about centuries of waiting here. Fairy Seon Ok Nam (Moon Chae Won) married a wood-cutter, when she lost her fairy wings while bathing at the falls in Mt. Gyeryong. But he suddenly disappeared one day when he set forth for work.

On the 699th year of waiting for her long lost husband, Fairy Seon encounters a biology professor Jung Yi Hyun (Yoon Hyun Min) and his training assistant Kim Geum (Seo Ji Hoon), who both see through her old woman facade, the real pretty face of her fairy nature.

Tale of Fairy

Pilot Week Recap

Fairy Seon runs a cafe in Mt. Gyeryong, where she lives with her half-human-half-fairy daughter, Jeom Soon Yi (Kang Mi Na). Along with other immortal beings, she has been waiting to meet the reincarnation of her husband, who vanished one day.

When biology professor (Yoon Hyun Min) and his teaching assistant, (Seo Ji Hoon) go to visit the latter’s hometown, they end up at Fairy Seon’s cafe.

Tale of Fairy

Soon after, while finding their way to Geum’s house, the biologists get lost in the forest, and stumble on barista Seon’s “fairy appearance” while she bathes in the same falls at where she lost her fairy wings.

She has to knock them both unconscious, and put them back in the car. But the two vaguely remember what happened, and strangely feel the connection with the elderly barista.

Convinced that Professor Jung is the husband she has been waiting for, Fairy Seon goes to Seoul with her daughter, and lands a job at a cafe inside the university where the biology teachers work.

Geum who sees Fairy Seon in a park lets her and Soon Yi stay for one night in the same house which he lives with Professor Jung without the latter’s knowledge.

Geum eagerly accepts Fairy Seon’s confession of her identity, and interestingly shows his ability to talk to animals when he bumps with Soon Yi, who is sulking because of not having internet connection, hindering her web fiction writing.

Tale of Fairy

Eventually, the cafe owner and guardian deity Cha whips some magic, providing a place to stay for Fairy Seon and her daughter, who have decided to let the fairy work in the cafe.

Bothered on his strange attachment to the grandma barista and seeing her also in her different beautiful fairy appearances, professor Jung finds himself obliging to her request to meet her at a time set by her.

After closing the cafe, Fairy Seon talks to professor Jung, and tries to wake up his memory of hers but to no avail. She takes his hands and places it on her face, and tries to coax him to remember her.

Tale of Fairy

Pilot Week Afterthoughts

Mixed emotion is how I assessed my feelings for the first two chapters of Tale of Fairy. Disconnected fragments of what to expect in the drama really challenged my patience owing to how the fairy tale setting really engrossed me, but then the continuity of the story seems to be coming from multiple directions without a specific pattern to form.

Thanks to the impressive fit of the actors to their roles so far, the not-so-dainty opening week narrative is easy to overlook.

Tale of Fairy is helmed by last year’s Baeksang Arts Awards’ Best Director. So yes, I am trying to understand some nonsensical scenarios drawn in the opening week of the series. If left unexplained in the future episodes, the potential of its creative landscape might falter you see.

Rules appear to have been set for the magical premise. Heroes can see through the heroine’s magical nature, as well as the injections of immortal characters surrounding the heroine and their metaphysical powers.

The thought of the heroine journeying to make her husband wake up from reincarnation slumber strangely piques interest. In all angles, it is sort of romantic and heartbreaking for an immortal to wait seven centuries for the human man she loves.

Unclear sketching of the premiere week of Tale of Fairy did not mar its engaging vibe, yet, to be honest. It actually raises anticipation for questions raised and dots to be connected by the viewers in the succeeding episodes of the series.

Tale of Fairy airs on Monday and Tuesday slot of tvN.

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