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K-Drama Premiere: “The Miracle We Met” Brings On Heavy Drama With Love, Hate & Death

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Get ready to feel all sorts of emotions from the premiere week of The Miracle We Met!

KBS2 TV blesses us with a new fantasy melodrama to watch out for in the form of The Miracle We Met, a story about a man who wakes up in another man’s body after a car crash, and attempts to live a life completely opposite to what he was used to.

Here’s a rundown of the drama-filled pilot week’s highlights:

The two Song Hyun Chuls

The story revolves around two men who share the same name, age, and birthday, yet are most certainly in stark contrast with each other – with one being cold-hearted and cruel, and the other being a loving and caring person.
Song Hyun Chul A (played by Kim Myung Jin) is a wealthy man who cares about no one but himself. Despite his success in working as a branch manager at Shinhwa National Bank, he leads an unhappy family life. His wife Sun Hye Jin (Kim Hyun Joo) is seen looking at a petition for divorce early on in the episode. She argues about how fed up she is about Hyun Chul A belittling and talking down to her all the time. It is revealed that she is taking on a job at a local store, much to Hyun Chul A’s embarrassment.

In contrast to Song Hyun Chul A and Hye Jin’s relationship, we have Song Hyun Chul B (Ko Chang Seok) and his wife Yeon Hwa (Ra Mi Ran). Despite not being as financially well-off, they share a relationship balking in happiness and contentment. All throughout, we see how tight-knit Hyun Chul B’s family is, and how Hyun Chul B is a cool, loving father and husband. The family is shown to be incredibly happy after having recently bought a restaurant named Manhojang to fulfill the dreams of Hyun Chul B, who is a great cook.

The two wives

Yeon Hwa is the first person in the story made aware of the two Hyun Chuls when she hears about Hyun Chul A in the news. She tells her husband about it but he just casually brushes it off. Yeon Hwa and Hye Jin’s first meeting happens at the store Hye Jin works in.

Yeon Hwa is buying a birthday gift for Hyun Chul B and asks for Hye Jin’s help, which leads to the latter remembering her own husband’s birthday. They meet again at a bakery after, where both of them were buying cakes for their husbands, and they recognize each other. They both ask for the same number of candles, and realizing the weird coincidence, they just laugh – but would they have the same reaction in the future episodes?

The ugly truth about love

A very heartbreaking scene plays out this early in the show – all thanks (or not!) to Hyun Chul A’s affair. While Hyun Chul B gets greeted with a surprise birthday party from his family, Hyun Chul A doesn’t even come home and stays with his mistress. His mistress sends flowers to his residence intentionally, and Hye Jin is the one who receives it.

We see Hye Jin drinking wine while wallowing in sadness and disappointment over her husband and their ruined marriage. There, we get a flashback to the time when she and Hyun Chul were teenagers, and she adored him and his personality. When the flashback ends, she is seen to be alone, with the candles on the cake she bought all lit up. She takes out the present her son got for her husband – a book with the title “Why Do You Live?”, and she asks herself just the same question with a sad laugh.

The loan conspiracy

The action and suspense kicks in when we see two mysterious guys filling out a loan application form under Hyun Chul B’s name in Shinhwa National Bank where Hyun Chul A works in. Later on, Hyun Chul B goes to the bank to ask for a loan but they tell him he already took out a 200,000-won loan before as stated in their records, much to Hyun Chul B’s confusion. The bank teller informs him that he can’t take one anymore until he pays for it. However, Hyun Chul B insists he never took out a loan and argues with the bank teller.

The two Hyun Chuls finally meet when Hyun Chul A sees the scene Hyun Chul B is making. He approaches them to deal with the situation. He then belittles and embarrasses a very frustrated Hyun Chul B, who is eventually taken away by security.

We see the two mysterious guys again talking about how they now have a problem because of what Hyun Chul B had done. They talk about how they plan to delete the loan records, because if Hyun Chul B gets to prove that he didn’t really take out a loan, they will surely be done for. One of the guys orders the other to buy time and then delete the records after, and when the other guy asks how they would do the former, he just simply says “car accident”.

The great tragedies

Fate seems to like playing with the two Hyun Chuls as both of them gets involved in separate car accidents.

Hyun Chul B was driving down when he realized that his brakes weren’t working, and he lost control of the vehicle. When he realized that he was going to eventually run into a pedestrian lane, he steers the car so it hits a pile of containers instead.

Meanwhile, Hyun Chul A sees a group of crows flying by as he drives, which seemed to be a bad omen. Out of the blue, one of the crows swoops down and hits his dash. He gets distracted, and is about to hit another car. He steers it way too sudden in order to avoid the collision, but he loses control of his car and it flips over. The car is shown to be a total wreck, and it is evident that it was a fatal crash.

It is later on revealed that Hyun Chul B did not suffer significant injuries, and will soon be discharged from the hospital. On the other hand, the doctors tell Hyun Chul A’s mother (Yoon Seok Hwa), sister (Hwang Bo Ra), and Hye Jin that Hyun Chul A is currently in a comatose, and barely has a chance for survival.

Ato’s mistake

This is when the fantasy and supernatural aspects of the drama come to place a turning point in the lives of the characters. Ato (EXO’s Kai), a young messenger, comes to collect Hyun Chul’s spirit – but he mistakes Hyun Chul B for Hyun Chul A because they have the same, exact details. He takes Hyun Chul B’s spirit by giving him a heart attack right in front of Yeon Hwa’s eyes.

He only realizes his mistake later, but Hyun Chul B’s family had already cremated his body. The utter distraught on Ato’s face is evident as he stops in front of Hyun Chul A’s hospital room, and realizes that this was the soul he was supposed to take. Hyun Chul A is shown lying on his hospital bed, and we then hear his heartbeat monitor flat-lining.

We see Hyun Chul B’s spirit again, running in the afterlife, and he sees his family grieving over him. Ato watches them from a distance, and looks grief-stricken as well over his mistake.

Hyun Chul comes back from the dead

Episode 2 picks up from Hyun Chul A’s body being prepared in the morgue, when suddenly, he starts moving, which startles the mortician. Hyun Chul A suddenly sits up – which startles everyone, especially his family.

News about Hyun Chul A coming back to life spreads like wildfire and catches the attention of everyone, even the media. Meanwhile, we see Yeon Hwa really devastated over the death of her beloved husband when she hears about Hyun Chul A’s resurrection in the news. In her grief-stricken state, she then questions why Hyun Chul A got resurrected and not her husband.

The switch

It is then revealed that Hyun Chul B’s spirit is the one that went to Hyun Chul A’s body. He finds it difficult to grasp his situation, and everybody becomes confused as to why he’s acting so differently. He soon figures out that the person’s body he transferred to was the Hyun Chul he shared a name with, and he calls his wife Yeon Hwa to tell her he’s alive. However, she thinks that it is a cruel prank so she angrily drops the call.

Everyone now thinks that Hyun Chul A acting out of his character is due to him coming back from the dead. Hyun Chul tries to appease everyone to let him leave the hospital. He becomes desperate and asks Hyun Chul A’s friend Ddak Pool (Choi Byung Mo), who ultimately agrees to help him escape. They successfully break out from the hospital, and Hyun Chul asks Ddak Pool to take him to his residence as Hyun Chul B, where he comes face-to-face with Yeon Hwa. He tries to talk to her and convince her that it’s him, her husband, by recounting the first time they met. Yeon Hwa freaks out and recognizes his voice as the one who called her before and drives him away. Hyun Chul becomes really upset and starts crying, but Ddak Pool takes him to Hyun Chul A’s house where Hye Jin and Hyun Chul A’s kids await him.

A slight change of heart

We see how uncomfortable Hyun Chul is, but he still strives to do what he can and live as Hyun Chul A. He asks Hye Jin during breakfast about himself, and how he used to live like. Hye Jin tells him that they didn’t get along, he has cheated on her several times, and her only role was to be a housemaid who picks up after him and be the children’s mom. Hyun Chul looked appalled at how this other Hyun Chul lived his life. She tells him that she was planning to divorce him, which is why she has a part-time job at the market.

As the episode progresses, we see Hye Jin soften at how Hyun Chul changed. She seems shocked but in a pleasant way – and she almost cries because Hyun Chul is suddenly showing concern to her and showing her utmost respect. In one instance, Hyun Chul’s mistress calls him on the phone, much to his confusion. He starts getting agitated and feeling guilty when Hye Jin walks in and quickly ends the call. She asks him if he doesn’t remember his mistress either, and tells him to recover and remember quickly so they could arrange their divorce right away.

The investigation

An investigator in the person of Detective Park (Jun Suk Ho) finds out that the brakes of Hyun Chul B’s car was tampered with, and is informed of Hyun Chul B’s death. He starts being skeptic about the situation, and decides to follow the case. The detective first goes to Yeon Hwa’s house to investigate but she drives him away. He then looks for Hyun Chul and Yeon Hwa’s daughter Ji Soo (Kim Hwan Hee), and talks to her about her dad’s death.

We find out that Yeon Hwa had taken a job at a nearby convenience store to provide for her family now that her husband is gone. Detective Park coincidentally runs into Yeon Hwa at the convenience store. At first, she is wary of him so he introduces himself as a police inspector conducting an investigation into her husband’s death. She looks taken aback, and he tells her that her husband’s car was initially tampered with before the accident.

The two mysterious guys are shown again, and this time they are talking about Detective Park who started digging around Hyun Chul B’s death, conniving another plan to stop the detective from finding out about the real turnout of events.


It is without a doubt that The Miracle We Met started off heavily with all the drama in these first 2 episodes. With a lot of genres coming into play, it promises a plot laden with twists and turns that will surely keep the viewers hooked and wanting for more.

It also helps that the fantasy melodrama has a more-than-promising cast who proved themselves right away. Kim Myung Jin, Ko Chang Seok, Kim Hyun Joo, and Ra Mi Ran gave off remarkable performances as the four lead characters, especially Hyun Joo and Mi Ran who tugged on the heartstrings of the viewers. It is also worth noting the performances of Kim Hwan Hee, who showed off her acting ability as she cries desperately in longing for her father, and EXO’s Kai, who rendered us speechless as he proved how he doesn’t even need any dialogue to portray a character so well.

The Miracle We Met airs on KBS every Monday and Tuesday.

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