5 Stages Of Magic That Fans Will Experience At “Park Bo Gum In Manila”

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Whether you are a hard core or accidental fan, fulfilling your fan dream to meet Park Bo Gum in person is going to be an indescribable feeling.

Doted for his kind heart and limitless talents, Park Bo Gum has continuously returned the love he is getting by working on projects that will make his supporters proud. After his well-received pairing with Song Hye Kyo in tvN drama Encounter, he followed up with a nine-stop tour to treat his fans with a parade of performances and surprises.

Park Bo Gum

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Weeks from now, Park Bo Gum will mark the finale of his 2019 Park Bo Gum Good Day Asia Tour. It will also be his first visit in the Philippines. Since the announcement of his fan meeting, fans have been voicing out their excitement in finally seeing the actor on stage.

Before that, we put up this special feature specifically dedicated to Park Bo Gum fans who will be in attendance physically. And because we know how united the actors’ followers are, fans who can only be there in spirit, may also dig in together with others.

Park Bo Gum in Manila

1. Pre-event Jitters

A sleepless night when you want to have a beauty rest is inevitable for an avid fan, who is about to meet his favorite actor. To bargain with fate that doesn’t let you sleep, you end up checking the pre-event festivity shared on social media by the fandom. Eventually, you get up and make a last round check on the cute fan ammunition you will bring at the fan meeting. From OOTD, light sticks and banners to your make-up look, you complete your pre-event preparations by strategizing the traveling time to arrive fresh and alive at the venue.

It is normal. You are not overreacting. It is part of the process that fans have to go through for the love of their favorite artist.

2. “Come out now” bargaining request

Upon arriving at the vibrant mood of the arena, you see fellow fans with hearts about to pop out due to anticipation. Sudden screams and chants clamoring for the “man of the night” are also expected to liven up the jam-packed place. Done in intervals, sometimes solo, most of the time in unison – cute and sweet hollers add to the amusing energy felt in the venue. The 2019 Park Bo Gum Good Day in Manila promises an experience worthy of your diary pages.

But don’t panic, adrenaline rush is real. It is part of being a human to feel hormonal powers taking over our emotions. Some won’t understand, but inside the arena full of smiles from waiting fellow Park Bo Gum fans, you are free to embrace that fan spirit.

3. That “Park Bo Gum and Me” moment.

As soon as the background music of tracks associated with Park Bo Gum fill the air, your anticipation level will jump up to a level that may break any excitement meter.

Triggered by your imagination, an invisible spotlight will point to you and the man you have thought fondly off, and have dreamed of seeing with your very own eyes. Time will stop as you get your very own magical moment with him. Amidst the deafening cheers of the crowd outside the fictional sphere you have rehearsed so many times in your reverie — that yearning you have nurtured inside your heart becomes a reality.

4. The Magic Begins

Still recovering from the surreal moment, you fall deep into a sweet oblivion. Raising your protective bubble, everything around you becomes a blur as you immerse yourself to his sweet tunes. You dance at his pumped up stage like there is no tomorrow. Yes, you will be having the time of your fan life.

On the talk segments, you smile candidly listening to his clever responses. Seeing an exclusive genuine side of the actor makes all those years of picturing what it would be like to meet him worth waiting.

If you have forgotten that unadulterated euphoria of sneaking glances on your first love, you would feel it again, as you count your steps to the fleeting Hi-Touch encounter with him. For the faint-hearteds, consider you’re forewarned that too much elation from that close proximity with Park Bo Gum requires immense strength and courage. The reward? That captured “this is the hand that touched Park Bo Gum” celebratory selca.

Park Bo Gum in Manila


5. Sweet fan bucket list checked

Eventually, the point to close your memory book of meeting Park Bo Gum will happen. Most likely you will experience the fastest “5 stages of fan grief” — as you hope time will just last forever right at that very moment.

All those Korean dramas which have propelled the special bond between you and Park Bo Gum will make sense. Enough to make you prolong that extraordinary connection. Enough to anticipate his next projects.

You might have not realized how you have reached home. Pondering on the highlights of the fan meet, the social media after-party invites you to participate – to which you happily oblige. Waking up, the aftermath of the beautiful encounter with Park Bo Gum will curve a smile on your face.

Park Bo Gum

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That and more blissful interactions for attendees are expected to happen at Park Bo Gum in Manila. Limited tickets are still up for grabs. Don’t miss half of your K-Drama fan girl life in disregarding fan meeting like this.

For the spirited fans who will welcome the amazing actor in the coming days together with us, make sure to show your biggest smiles to be felt by the adoring actor!

The 2019 Park Bo Gum Asia Tour GOOD Day in Manila is brought to fans by Blossom Entertainment, Ovation Productions and ABS-CBN Events.


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