BTOB 4U To Meet Fans Online Through MyMusicTaste’s Special Video Call Event

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That’s right, Melody! Here’s another once in a lifetime chance to show your love to BTOB 4U through an online video call!

From unraveling their stage first time during their showcase to performing at music show programs, BTOB 4U still has lots of ways to show their love to Melody. Through a special event with MyMusicTaste, fans can have the opportunity to make precious memories with the members through an online video call.

By purchasing their first mini-album INSIDE through MyMusicTaste from November 18 until November 24, fans will be entered into a lucky draw to win a chance to have a video call with the boys. Thirty fans will be randomly selected on November 25 and will be notified through an email. The lucky fans will then proceed to participate in the video call on November 27.

BTOB 4U Video Call Event How To Participate


Moreover, every purchaser of the album will receive exclusive gifts from MyMusicTaste. For every purchaser, one random photocard per album will be given. On the other hand, the thirty lucky fans will receive a signed album and a photocard set.

BTOB 4U Video Call Event Special Gift

Because of the COVID-19, celebrities have several limitations in interacting and communicating with their fans. Through online events like this, even though the artists and fans are afar, they still have the opportunity to show their love and appreciation to each other. This just proves that anything is possible with fans and their idols and nothing can ever stop them from interacting.

For more information regarding the video call event, fans can visit the event page on MyMusicTaste’s website.

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Meanwhile, BTOB 4U gave Melody love and hope through their first mini-album INSIDE. The album showed lots of new and hidden charms from the members, hyping the anticipation from fans.