UNIVERSE To Hold An Exclusive Four Hour K-Pop Concert Featuring Your Favorite Artists

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UNIVERSE will host a four-hour K-pop concert featuring 14 of its platform artists during “UNI-KON”, its free live broadcast event!

UNIVERSE, the new K-Pop fandom platform, will host its first-ever online concert featuring 14 of K-Pop’s largest acts. The platform will broadcast the concert live on February 14 at 7 PM KST. Acts include ATEEZ, Kang Daniel, Monsta X, IZ*ONE, WJSN, and more!


The event coined “UNI-KON”, will provide a meeting place for global K-Pop fans to meet and celebrate the launch of UNIVERSE with their favorite artists. Fans can begin waiting for the concert at 6 PM KST on February 14 on UNIVERSE’s official website and mobile app. The event will commence at 7 PM KST when performances start.

All UNIVERSE users can access the concert for free.

Fans can look forward to IZ*ONE as they will perform their “UNIVERSE Music” track, “D-D-DANCE” for the first time. Additionally, all lineup artists dedicatedly prepared grand stages to appeal to viewers’ senses, increasing anticipation for the concert. The digital concert will utilize extended reality technologies including AR (enhanced reality) and MR (mixed reality) to transport viewers to the event. Moreover, the platform will deliver five live streaming multi-views so that fans may view the performances from many angles.

All performances will follow COVID-19 quarantine and prevention guidelines in accordance with the government.

Following the concert, UNIVERSE users can also access “UNI-KON” as a VOD. Behind-the-scenes preparations and artist interviews regarding the event will release sequentially on the app.

Fans can keep up to date with details for “UNI-KON” on the platform’s website or social media:

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PR, Image, and Video Source: KLAP