[EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW] DRIPPIN Reveals Goals For “A Better Tomorrow”, Dream Collaboration, MBTI Type, & More

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Find out more about DRIPPIN, in their exclusive interview with HELLOKPOP, as they talk about their goals for their recent album, favorite track, as well as who has the best fashion taste!

DRIPPIN stormed the K-pop scene on October 2020 with their harmonious single “Nostalgia”. They are the third K-pop male act under Woollim Entertainment, following Infinite and Golden Child.


By looking at the influx of new artists last 2020 alone, there are surely lots of brilliant and unique talents on the rise. Definitely, this includes the promising seven-member group from Woollim Entertainment, no other than — DRIPPIN.

The group consists of Hyeop (main vocalist), Yunseong (leader), Changuk (lead vocalist), Dongyun (main rapper), Minseo (lead vocalist), Junho (center), and Alex (lead rapper).

Six out of seven members were first revealed during Produce X 101, except for Alex, who is DRIPPIN’s only foreign (German) and hidden (he was not introduced during pre-debut) member.

From left to right (clockwise): Minseo, Junho, Hyeop, Alex, Changuk, Dongyun, Yunseong

Since their debut, DRIPPIN had published two music videos – “Nostalgia” and “Young Blood” — for each title track, which when combined, amounts to a total of 10 million views. For the group and their fans, this wonderful feat holds promise.

On top of that, DRIPPIN just charted on Gaon Album Chart and attained an impressive first-week album sales according to Hanteo Chart — with both of their two albums, Boyager and A Better Tomorrow.

Despite being a rookie group, they have made quite a big impact immediately by being nominated at the Seoul Music Awards, Gaon Chart Music Awards, and even Golden Disc Awards — a feat that truly marked an impression to the public.

With their most recent release A Better Tomorrow, DRIPPIN told us their goals for the new album, future plans for their fans, and dream collaboration with other artists, during an exclusive interview with HELLOKPOP!

HKP: What message do you want to deliver through this album?

Hyeop: First of all, through this album, we want to relay this kind of message, “Now that spring has come, let’s run for a better future with DRIPPIN!”

Yunseong: We want to show you the spirit and energy of DRIPPIN.

HKP: What are your goals for “A Better Tomorrow”?

Changuk: We still aim for the Rookie of the Year award. We also want to hear from the people, “I can see that DRIPPIN has really grown and worked hard.”

Dongyun: I want to show you a better performance!

HKP: Can you tell us your favorite song in this album and why?

Minseo: “Reach out your hands”. The strong beat is impressive and the chorus is so good.

Junho: “Without U”, because I can feel the heart-fluttering feeling of being in love just by listening to it. And with the lyrics, “You are my dream in the universe,” I think it sounds really cute to describe someone as my everything.

HKP: Are there any memorable episodes while preparing for the comeback?

Hyeop: During the comeback, I remember sitting in a circle with the members and having a conversation about how to interpret the song.

Alex: When I was practicing alone while preparing for the comeback, I was dancing in the practice room. I didn’t see the chair and accidentally bumped into it. It hurts a lot.

HKP: Are there any parts that the members prepared for this album?

Yunseong: I was in charge of the group choreography as well as the stage performance. We were all passionate in our positions, and we exchanged feedbacks together.

Changuk: In this album, we worked hard on our own parts to make our parts the killing one.

HKP: What concept do you want to try in the future?

Dongyun: Although the fresh concept still suits us, I’d like to show you a sexy image when I grow up!

Minseo: I want to do a totally cute concept.

HKP: Is there an artist you want to collaborate with if you have a chance?

Junho: There are so many artists, but I want to collaborate with our company seniors!

Alex: If I have a chance, I really want to collaborate with ATEEZ sunbaenim!

HKP: How do you want people to be inspired by listening to DRIPPIN’s music?

Hyeop: I hope people will listen to our songs and receive positive inspiration before they start their day with comfort and healing.

Yunseong: The feeling of traveling together? I hope you can enjoy the excitement and healing experience like a beautiful scenery and feel refreshed, through our music.

HKP: Is there a stage you want to perform or have a concert in the near future?

Changuk: I want to have a concert where we can meet our fans. Also, I want to perform my personal favorite song, “Colors”, from our first mini album Boyager.

Dongyun: I haven’t been to a hip-hop concert, but I really want to go these days. If I have a chance in the future, I would like to stand [perform] there once!

HKP: What are your goals this year? Do you have any special plans that fans can look forward to?

Minseo: I want to win No.1 on a music show and I hope we can wrap up our promotions in good and healthy condition.

Junho: My goal is to go to a year-end award ceremony and win an award!

HKP: What do you usually do whenever you are not preparing for an album during your break?

Hyeop: We all wake up and come to the practice room and practice a lot until late at night.

Alex: During our break, I spent two hours a day practicing the basics, and the rest of the time, I practice singing or dancing.

HKP: What is your soul food? What is the meal that you have fond memories of?

Yunseong: The food I remember is Pikachu pork cutlet. It’s a rare food right now. When I was in school, I was joking that I would be able to eat Pikachu. It’s a snack that everyone once saw and ate.

Changuk: There are so many dishes that I remember, like kimchi pancakes, fried dumplings, and soybean paste that my mom cooked at home. But I think my soul food is ramen that I eat at dawn.

HKP: What is the MBTI type of the members?

Hyeop: ISTJ
Yunseong: ISTP
Changuk: ISFP
Dongyun: ENFP
Minseo: ENFJ
Junho: ISTJ
Alex: ENTP

HKP: Which member of DRIPPIN has the best fashion sense?

Junho: I don’t know well, but Yunseong is the most interested in clothes, and he likes it a lot!

Alex: The member who has a good sense of fashion in DRIPPIN is Hyeop.

HKP: What is the movie title that best represents your life?

Hyeop: I think the movie Intern represents my life well. While watching the film, I thought, “Let’s not be afraid of challenges, let’s face them,” and it still seems to have a positive impact.

Yunseong: Avengers. Even though everyone has been living their own way, I want to be understanding and more considerate towards people. Just like Captain America and Iron Man, who, although didn’t get along well from the beginning, they eventually became the best Avengers in the universe. Also, even if I am different from other people, I also want to be a great Avenger who understands and cares about people.

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The interview is covered by Lyris Gutierrez. Conducted in Korean, translated into English by the author.