AB6IX Talks About Being Themselves In Latest Arena Homme+ Pictorial

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The members of AB6IX showed their individual colours in their latest fashion magazine pictorial, where they also talked about the aspect of being themselves.

AB6IX brought their unique charms to the pages of Arena Homme+ for its August 2020 issue.


They’ve previously displayed their chemistry together as a group, and now, Jeon Woong, Kim Dong Hyun, Park Woo Jin, and Lee Dae Hwi showed their own individuality in their latest pictorial.

Through their poses and gazes towards the camera, the boys showed a more intense charm compared to their previous fresh and youthful image.

In the pictorial’s accompanying interview, the members of AB6IX, who each had a distinct personality, answered what it was like to “be myself”.

Lee Dae Hwi said, “Be yourself. We’re all different. There’s no such thing as being similar with anyone. How can we be the same when our names and dates of birth are all different? Everyone’s different, so if you just say “Be Myself,” you’ll be different from others, because we are different people with different lights.”

Meanwhile, Kim Dong Hyun said that being one’s self is “being able to express my thoughts properly without being swayed by what people say. However, you should be able to recognize situations and know what you need to put down instead of doing just whatever you want to,”

“To laugh and move on. Just because you live good doesn’t mean you lose fortune,” Jeon Woong answered as well.

Lastly, Park Woo Jin admitted that he’s still figuring out how to truly be himself. “I want to show the side of myself that I haven’t discovered yet through the music that I planned to create from the beginning. I wonder what I will end up being like,” he said, giving an idea of the potential of these young musicians, who will expand indefinitely in the future.

Meanwhile, the full pictorial and interview featuring AB6IX can be found in the August 2020 issue of Arena Homme + and its official website.

Source: Sports Donga