EXO’s Baekhyun Is Now The Co-creative Director Of Fashion Brand Privé!

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EXO’s Baekhyun is a singer, songwriter, actor, and now a fashion designer and co-creative director of a clothing label – seriously, what else can he not do?

The EXO member joins fashion label Privé as its newest co-creative director after the brand tapped into SM Entertainment on its search for a collaborator. Prive’s brand director Danyl Geneciran saw how Baekhyun’s personal style fit the brand’s image well after their first meeting, which convinced him of the artist’s potential in the fashion business.

Baekhyun’s influence and social media reach are also unquestionable, especially with his vast 12.7 million followers on his personal Instagram account, which made him even more perfect to take on the role of Privé’s co-creative director.

The idol was also given his very own clothing line called Privé by BBH, where he was very much involved in the creation and conceptualization process of. The line will launch with an initial six-piece collection of unisex streetwear on July 1, and will be followed by monthly drops.

exo baekhyun Privé by BBH

Photo from Vogue

Privé by BBH is promoted by the internationally-acclaimed fashion magazine Vogue, who also broke the news about the singer-songwriter-actor’s newest venture.

“Lately, I’d been thinking that I’d like to wear clothes that my thoughts have gone into,” he says in his Vogue interview. “And so, I was so incredibly excited to collaborate with Privé – because I too love streetwear, I wanted to make street clothes!”

Baekhyun equates streetwear to comfy and cool clothes, which makes it share the same principle Baek has when it comes to his personal style. The singer reveals he prefers easy basics that are still eye-catching, which is what we can expect from his personal clothing line.

Despite not having previous experience, Baekhyun put in an amazing amount of dedication, preparation, creativity, and passion in making Privé by BBH.

“He was telling me he had never been to any Fashion Weeks, he didn’t know how to sew or anything like that,” Geneciran tells Vogue, revealing that Baekhyun had been nervous about the project at first.

However, just like how much he puts his heart into everything he does, Baek painstakingly did everything he can to make sure he gives only the best for his fashion line by studying magazines and runway images, and even bringing his own sketches to meetings.

exo baekhyun Privé by BBH

Photo from Vogue

Baekhyun made sure that each piece is meaningful, which is why there is a message for each and every design in the clothing line.

“Since a lot of my thoughts have been incorporated, everything has been so much fun,” he says. The Privé team also gave him a Contax II film camera, which he used to take the photographs like the self-portraits and contact sheets that will be featured on the pieces.

Other items from the clothing line will also feature his own handwriting, drawings, favourite words, phrases, and lyrics. One of the items from Privé by BBH is a hoodie sweater with a measuring tape with the word “fearless” underneath it, and Geneciran says the concept behind it is Baek’s love for the word. “When it comes to facing one’s fears, that can’t be measured – that was his whole concept,” he explains.

There’s also no need to worry about the price range of the items in the clothing line – Baek and the rest of Privé made sure to keep the EXO member’s young fanbase in mind with affordability. 

“We’re just a street brand that’s commercially available and accessible to everyone,” they assure.

Items from the Privé by BBH collection promises to have an affordable price range, listing shirts priced at $35, sweaters for $45, crew-neck sweatshirts for $75, and hoodies for $90.

exo baekhyun Privé by BBH

Photo from Vogue

Privé by BBH will be available on July 1 via

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