IZ*ONE’s ’01 Liners Take Over The Pages Of 1st Look Magazine

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Minju, Nako, Hitomi, and Yuri are celebrating the radiance of youth through their latest magazine feature with 1st Look Magazine.

In honor of coming of age, IZ*ONE’s Minju, Nako, Hitomi, and Yuri are celebrating their growth. The girls, fondly known as IZ*ONE’s ’01 liners, commemorated their adulthood through a photoshoot with 1st Look Magazine.

Each member showed two sides to their personality through their photoshoot. Their first set of photos, which shows them dressed in white t-shirts and minimal makeup, highlighted their youthful features. These photos focused on their natural beauty, all while keeping it simple.

The members also showed their more mature side through the second set of photos. Decked in black and gray suits, each member showcased a more courageous aura through their facial expressions. Their makeup also accentuated their different charm, and radiating their unique characters.

In the accompanying interview, the members shared how they felt more comfortable celebrating their 20th birthday among friends. Each member also promised to show the world that they will become more responsible and mature people in the years to come.

Aside from a magazine feature, Minju, Nako, Hitomi, and Yuri also celebrated coming of age in advance with their staff during the shoot. A video of their celebration party will be released on May 18, through 1st Look Magazine’s social media platforms.

Source: Xsportsnews

Image Source: 1st Look Magazine