K-Photo Reel: Gugudan’s Sejeong Expresses A Sophisticated Charm For 2020

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For 2020, Sejeong will be staying true to herself by expressing her style and thoughts through Esquire Magazine.

January 2020 is already filled to the brim with exciting ventures by idols everywhere — and Gugudan’s Sejeong is joining in through a magazine feature. On December 27, Esquire Magazine gave Dear Friends a sneak peek of the image Sejeong will be showcasing as a way to welcome the new year.

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Sejeong’s pictorial with the magazine showcases a different dimension to the normally vivacious singer. Through her different styles, the singer showcased an emotionless concept—a concept that Sejeong herself admits that she had fun exploring for the first time.

In the photos, Sejeong elevates simple outfits through her piercing yet emotionless concept. She casually poses while donning a simple T-shirt with a baseball cap, as well as a cozier combination of pants, sweater, and eye-catching red boots.

Aside from elevating simple fits, Sejeong also adds another dimension to more complex outfits. Donning shades of blue and white through the combination of a knitted cardigan and a maxi skirt, as well as a mostly leather fit, Sejeong exudes a truly sophisticated charm.

In the accompanying interview, Sejeong talked a little more about her recent solo release, “Tunnel”. The singer shares how her song exudes a different form of comfort, based on her own personal experiences. “I often don’t know how to comfort others,” the singer explains. “I want to say something, but I’m not good at saying ‘It’ll be alright.'”

gugudan sejeong

The singer then shares how “Tunnel” is meant to be a comforting inner voice that listeners can relate to and rely on. “I do think it’s comforting when you tell yourself things like ‘It will be fine’ or ‘After this, there will surely be another way,'” the singer notes. “It’s powerful and it’s a story that everyone resonates with.”

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Source: Esquire Magazine, Newsen

Image Source: Esquire Magazine