NII unleashes fun JYJ pictorial

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NII has released its seasonal pictorial for the upcoming fall and has continued to promote its fashion with a brright concept. For this collection, the members of JYJ express their playfulness through riding a carousel, juggling, and sitting on large bouncy balls. Each individual member is also seen with special props that distinguish themselves from one another.

One prominent image displays Jaejoong clad in a demin jacket, graphic print t-shirt, denim jeans, a purple beanie, and colorful Nike shoes while posing on a target board with knives. Another image exhibits member Yoochun wearing a red cardigan, a subtle pink shirt with a skinny tie, dark green skinny pants, and shiny shoes, as he holds multiple sticks with spinning plates on top.

A third image displays a spiffy doll-like Junsu donning an ascot, multi-colored denim jacket, striped shirt, dark green pants, and canvas shoes while playing a bright red drum.

Check out JYJ’s pictorial for NII’s Fall collection below:

Sources: (News & Photos) – Couch Kimchi via NII



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