TWICE’s Sana Is A Blooming Barbie Doll In 1st Look Pictorial

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These recently released photos of TWICE’s Sana will surely treat fans’ eyes!

Sana of Asia’s top girl group TWICE has displayed her sophisticated beauty and modish styling in her very first solo magazine pictorial through 1st Look’s April 2020 issue.

Recently, the popular Korean fashion magazine released the stunning photos of the beautiful idol through various media outlets.

A blooming barbie doll

Gracing the photoshoot, Sana looked like a blooming Barbie doll with her visual-blinding looks and elegant outfits.

Aside from lending her stylish aura, the TWICE member likewise participated in an interview with the magazine.

Talking about her thoughts on making her first solo magazine pictorial, Sana shared, “It’s something I’ve always done with the other members, so I felt a bit lonely and a bit awkward, but it was still really fun. I’ve always loved posing for photoshoots, so I had thought to myself in the past that I’d like to try posing for one alone sometimes.”

The recent cancellation of TWICE’s encore concerts

The charming K-Pop star also expressed her feelings about the cancellation of their encore concerts in Korea. Originally, TWICELIGHTS in Seoul ‘FINALE’ was scheduled on March 7 and 8 at the KSPO Dome. However, the two-day show has been canceled due to the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak.

“I feel really sad about it to the extent where it’s hard to put into words. This concert in Seoul was supposed to be a meaningful event that marked the end of our year-long tour. I sincerely hope that everyone takes care of their health and doesn’t get sick,” she said.

Source: Newsen

Photo Credits: 1st Look