16 Foreign Idols Who Have Taken the K-Pop Industry By Storm

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They may not hail from Korea, but these foreign idols shine bright in the K-Pop industry with their undeniable talent and universal visuals.

K-Pop is a phenomenon that has been dominating the world one stellar talent at a time. The unique category of music is a refreshing wave of artistic concepts that captivated hearts from every corner of the globe. And did you know that some of their stars hail from countries other than South Korea?

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In this list, we’ve assembled some of the most extraordinary stars that have brought international flair to the world of K-Pop. Proving to be a treasure trove for world-class charisma, the South Korean entertainment industry knows how to spot talent across borders and oceans. What can we say? Talent is a universal language.

Tzuyu of TWICE

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This Taiwanese stunner has paved her way into the limelight as a member of JYP’s engaging ensemble of nine, called TWICE. Her soft features and whimsical stare would definitely make you look at least twice.


Hailing from Thailand, Lalisa Manoban, has solidified her superstar status as a member of the internationally renowned girl group, BLACKPINK. With her iconic bangs making her stand out from the crowd, we don’t think we’ll ever see her without them.

Jackson Wang of Got7

Hong Kong is often described as the land where East meets West. It’s also the land of Jackson Wang, GOT7’s lead rapper, lead dancer, and sub vocalist. Aside from being a master in the music department, the 26-year-old artist has also recently launched his own streetwear brand. Now, that’s one multi-talented king.

Mina of TWICE

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The group’s main dancer, Mina, hails from the mystical land of the rising sun, and now she shines bright in South Korea. TWICE definitely is a group that is composed of essential puzzle pieces from all over the planet.

Yuta of NCT

This fierce Japanese rapper is one in a million. Being the young charmer that he is, Yuta definitely knows how to bring his A-game with his excellent dance moves, vocal chops, and downright radiant anime vibes.

Huening Kai of TXT

The maknae of TXT may be half Korean, but he’s got one seriously colorful international background. Being of German descent as well and being raised in America, the 17-year-old singer is a quirky and multi-national addition to the group of massively talented boys. We guess Big Hit knows how to pick them.


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Pretty, alluring, and fierce; that’s Rosé of BLACKPINK! This gorgeous vocalist comes all the way from New Zealand and can switch from her strong Australian accent to her Korean articulation in a snap. With her long vanilla locks, defined facial features, and voguish sense of fashion, Rosé has paved her way into becoming one of South Korea’s most beautifully blooming flowers.


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Hailing from Los Angeles, California, Joshua has risen to stardom as the lead vocalist and visual of one of the biggest boybands in South Korea, SEVENTEEN. Aside from his talent and aesthetic, this prolific artist has once shared that he can speak five different languages. Now, that must come in handy with all the traveling.


This fiery singer, rapper, and songwriter was originally based in The U.S. before she moved to South Korea at the age of 15. Now at 31, she has trailblazed a powerful path into becoming one of the country’s most fierce soloists ever. (Who else is rocking out to her new single, “Nunu Nana”?)

Shuhua of (G)I-DLE

Taiwanese beauty, Shuhua, is the vocalist, visual, and maknae of (G)I-DLE, and the 20-year-old star has a face that is nothing short of ethereally adorable. Shuhua catapulted to fame along with the other belles of the popular girl group with tracks like “Latata”, “Blow Your Mind”, “Senorita”, “Lion”, and “Luv U”. Their next hit is slated to be launched on August 3. We know you’re excited!

Nickhun of 2PM

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Thailand native, Nickhun, has skyrocketed to fame along with the other amazing members of 2PM. Being a singer, songwriter, rapper, actor, and model, this Asian superstar can truly do it all.

BamBam of Got7


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This Thai heartthrob has been showcasing his explosive performing arts skills as member of GOT7. The 23-year-old can definitely rap, dance, and produce music like the best of them. This only proves that the millennial generation really knows how to go get their dreams and show the world how it’s done.

Ten of NCT

This charismatic idol is of Thai-Chinese descent. Chittaphon Leechaiyapornkul, famously known by his stage name, Ten, has set the entertainment scene on fire with extraordinary presence in the popular boy group, NCT.

Momo of TWICE


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TWICE has three members of Japanese descent. One of them is the lovely Momo. With midnight locks and stylish fringe cut, she exudes the glamour of an Asia standout.

Mark Tuan of Got7

This Chinese-American singer and rapper is one of the several multi-national members of GOT7. With his chiseled facial features and fierce stage presence, Mark Tuan undoubtedly has the makings of an idol.

Lay Zhang

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EXO is composed of members who bring strong unique element to the entertainment industry. One of those musical geniuses is the Chinese rapper, singer, and songwriter, Lay Zhang.

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