GOT7 Bravely Sings Their Heartfelt Love For Fans With Comeback Track “Eclipse”

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GOT7 revs up to an impressive comeback!

After completing the teasers for their first 2019 project, the released music video of title track “Eclipse” powered up an entrancing performance for GOT7.


Eclipse MV First Impression

Fresh from video platform mills, if “Eclipse” would not make Ahgases happy, we don’t know what else will. From the weight of the meaning of the lyrics that speaks about the group’s woes; coupled with the thought of not giving up for their fans, tells so much about the boys’ maturity in appreciating the success that comes up with works they have always shared and supported by their faithful fans.

Interestingly, the runs of the verses in steady shots are more dominant, and was made edgier with the dance frames which utilized spinning camera tricks. Moreover, the video boasts of artistic visuals that put more emphasis on the song’s meaning. The light and dark theme approach that the group aspires for, worked well in this MV.

GOT7 Talks About Album “Spinning Top”

Prior to the released of their MV, JB, Mark, Jackson, Jinyoung, Youngjae, BamBam, and Yugyeom graced a media conference.

Featuring a variety of engaging sounds, GOT7’s new mini album boasts massive musical spectrum with lyrics of resonating stories. Additionally, like the group’s other albums, the members participated in lyrics and music composition.

When asked about their first comeback for 2019, JB expressed eagerness as they have been preparing for the album in the last few months. Expounding on it, he shared that the title song “Eclipse” takes the concept of light and darkness. Furthermore, he relayed that the album captured their collective emotions about security and insecurity.

“We are stable when we turn properly, and we become uneasy when we are twisted even a little,” he added.

Sympathizing with JB, Yugyeom confessed his thoughts about the message of their latest album. He said, “When we were touring or performing, we felt happiness but we felt empty when the performance was over.”


A collaborative work of emotions

In the process of perfecting “Eclipse”, Yugyeom consulted JYP’s representative producer Park Jinyoung. Tweaking the song with melodic rhythm, the song further flowed by working on the lyrics.

“I worked for two to three months, and it seemed like I ran aggressively to fix it,” JB shared. Adding to that, he honestly conveyed that since they have reached their sixth year and they are spinning well at the top, he thought that they should comeback more faithfully.

Aside from JB, fellow members Yugyeom, BamBam, Jin Young and Young Jae also participated in the album.

“Eclipse” was unleashed on May 20 at 6PM KST. Following GOT7’s comeback, they will be hosting Naver V Live at 9PM with Kim Sang Jung.

On Battling Anxiety

While caught on the apprehensions that they all feel, the boys confidently musters strength to overcome it. The years of ups and downs yet being together to conquer it makes them work even harder. “It was different then, now I have become more positive as a person,” said BamBam. “I think it’s possible to overcome insecurity first and then decide whether you will disregard it or not,” he added.

Meanwhile, Jackson mentioned confidence on finding a way to do things at the right time. Youngjae keeps a strong support system and admits to discussing his troubles to his family and even his dog.

Finding calmness on their own, Mark and Yugyeom both agree not to dwell on being burdened about uneasy situation.

Spinning Top World Tour

Posed to conquer the world, GOT7 looks forward to their upcoming world tour that will run from June to October this year.

Achieving immense success, the members believe in being modest and grateful. They have all adjusted well to keep the teamwork flowing.

(All Photos from JYP Entertainment)