MONSTA X Members Name Which Artists They Would Like To Collaborate With Next

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Which artists would MONSTA X love to work with for a collaboration track in the future?

After dropping collaborations with some of the music industry’s biggest stars, MONSTA X revealed who they would like to work with next in a recent interview!

Photo from MONSTA X’s Official Twitter Account

Following the success of their track with Steve Aoki titled “Play It Cool”, the group became the talk of the town in terms of hot, rising artists to collaborate with. Showing its extreme popularity, the song earned both a Korean and English version – with the latter even receiving radio play internationally, including in countries like the US and Singapore.

“The good thing about collaborations is that it adds to our colors in terms of making it sharper and clearer,” Wonho said.

“Having collaborations with other artists seems to help the team move forward with a wider variety and spectra of colors,” rapper Joohoney agreed.

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With such a huge collaboration winning over the world so easily already in their record, the group’s members revealed which artists they would like to add next on their list of artists they have worked with.

“First of all, I want to work with my MONSTA X groupmates and produce unit performances in our concerts,” Wonho shared as his next request.” As for collaborations with international artists, I’d like to choose Lauv,” he added, picking a singer who would complement his sweet, sweet vocals.

I.M, who also had a huge hit collaboration with artist Elhae for his latest mixtape’s title track “Horizon”, also named the collaboration lineup he is gunning for. “I’d like to be with Ty Dolla Sign, DJ Mustard, and Travis Scott. All three artists have different genres and different musical colors, and I think those will make different kinds of music come out,” he said.

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Meanwhile, Joohoney revealed his target partner for a collaboration track as well – which would surely end up as a lit and fiery song full of power and intensity.

“The artist I want to collaborate with is Lil Wayne, who I’ve wanted to play together with since I was a kid and offers freshness in every aspect of hip-hop,” he shared.

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