K-Drama Premiere: “Dr. Romantic 2” Drives Familiar Tune With Interesting New Recruits

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Teacher Kim leans for another healing mentor-mentee relationship in the new season of Dr. Romantic 2.

However, it seems the new protégés are stubborn, unique and emotionally scarred – and it would take time for them to understand Teacher’s Kim tough love and wisdom.

Premiere Week Rating:

Dr. Romantic 2

Familiar and new faces greeted K-Drama patrons in the premiere of Dr. Romantic 2. Scoring impressive numbers on its first outing, the series garnered 10.8%, 14.9%, 13.2% and 18% in the first four episodes according to Nielsen.

Settling to his titular role, Han Suk Kyu delivers expected prominence to his character. Establishing new heroes and villains, fans of the SBS medical series should look forward to Shin Dong Wook and Kim Joo Hun.

Likewise, going side-by-side with the genius surgeon, actors Lee Sung Kyung, So Ju Yeon and Ahn Hyo Seop are marked as Han’s character’s apprentices.

Dr. Romantic 2

Premiere Week Recap

With his former students leaving Doldam medical center, Teacher Kim goes to the main hospital to get hold of new doctors. Sneaking inside a live surgery, he encounters Dr. Cha Eun Jae (Lee Sung Kyung) and asks her to go to the surgery room with a note. The action inevitably saves the face of the surgeon.

Meanwhile, Dr. Seo Woo Jin,  faces the same bullying predicament after transferring to a new hospital. Since his whistle-blowing incident in the previous hospital, his reputation is at the lowest. During a surgery, Dr. Cha faints to sleep earning her a transfer to work at Doldam hospital. At the same time, Teacher Kim offers  Dr. Seo to work with him.

Harassed by thugs because of the money he owes, Dr. Seo reaches Doldam hospital in a badly-beaten shape. Together with Dr. Cha and Dr. Yoon they were welcomed by Manager Jang.

Dr. Seo requests Teacher Kim to bail him out of his money problems, but the latter bargains for the young doctor to prove his worth in a week. The next day, the three new bloods meet the rest of the staff. Just then, an accident erupts causing the country’s Minister of National Defense.

After a successful surgery, the evicted Do Yoon Hwan plots to get the honor from Teacher Kim. He assigns Dr. Park Min Gook (Kim Joo Hun) to oversee the post-surgery treatment of the high-ranking government official.

Premiere Week Recap

The hero-villain interaction between Teacher Kim and Chairman Do is back and I can’t wait for their outwitting games. Dr. Romantic 2‘s opening week pretty much introduced the viewers to new characters.

In its first season, the series garnered raves owing to its polished storytelling and remarkable portrayals. The story progressed along with polished and make-sense connections of the surgeries showcased.

Right off the bat, the tension from Teacher Kim and Chairman Do is established. Something that would of course be the main drawer of the conflict buildup in the series. As for the new students under Teacher Kim’s wing, the similarity of their character sketches from the previous season’s young doctors are quite similar.

The hinted romance between them appears ready to happen as well. Hence, I’m kind of leery on what the supporting cast will offer. However, seeing Shin Dong Wook in the cast is making my hopes high.

With the first dice roll set in the series, being acquainted to the story’s feel seemed to be why I would keep tabs on the story flow. But, its familiarity might also caused predictability. So, I am curious what medical cases will be incorporated to adorn the narrative.

Dr. Romantic 2 airs on SBS every Monday and Tuesday.

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