K-Drama Premiere: “Selection: The War Between Women” Parades Exciting Historical Series Adorned By Devious Palace Conspiracies

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Selection: The War Between Women, made a stunning start with Kim Min Gyu and Jin Se Yeon

This is becoming a great habit for TV Chosun as their newest period drama offering, Selection: The War Between Women commences to a grand drama display.

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Depicting a palace survival romance, actress Jin Se Yeon reunites with Grand Prince director in another enthralling period drama.

Portraying the female lead, Jin will breathe life to the character of Kang Eun Bo. To achieve her ultimate goal of finding the culprit to her sister’s misfortune, she needs to become a queen. Her dangerous ulterior motive spins the thrilling plot of the story.

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Premiere Week Recap

In the Kingdom of Joseon, the time is ripe for King Lee Kyung’s (Kim Min Gyu) marriage. Hence, the selection process for his queen was decided. But, having a woman in his mind and heart already, he demands to participate in choosing the woman who will be by his side.

The Unfortunate Marriage

Thankfully, the woman Lee Kyung keeps in his heart successfully made it to the selection process. Kang Eun Gi, daughter of his old teacher eventually became his Queen. However, en route to bring his wife to the palace, the procession turned into a chaos because of an ambush. Shot to death, the Kingdom mourns the sad misfortune that happened to the royal couple.

Meanwhile, Kang Eun Bo, meets her friend Wal, who revealed that they might be implicated in the recent assassination. To escape their looming dangerous fate, they need to retrieve the bullet which hit the King to determine the culprit.

Therefore, Eun Bo, who is a shaman and secret owner of information agency, sets to fulfill her mission. Just as she tries to look for the bullet, the presumed dead King breathes back to life and pins her down. Taking advantage of the weak Lee Kyung, she runs for her life and was seen by Kang Yi Soo’s friend, Minister Baek.

Selection The War Between Women

The separated twins

It turns out that Kang Eun Bo is the Kang family’s long lost daughter. Unluckily, the Second State Left Councilor and Queen Dowager conspire to pin the assassination plot to the Queen’s family and was ordered to be exiled. Minister Baek finds Eun Bo, the missing daughter of his friend shedding light to Eun Bo’s lost memories.

Finding her family on a dire situation, Eun Bo cooperates with Minister Baek. At the same time, she receives a commission from the King to investigate on the shooting incident. However, the cunning villains make a move to corner Kang Yi Soo and implicated Minister Baek. Ultimately, roping in the King,who is on an unstable position securing his throne.

Premiere Week Afterthoughts

Romance, vengeance and palace’ evil schemes adorned the premiere week of Selection: The War Between Women. Its solid groundwork qualifies for a story worthy to be watched. If truth be told, the opening week really pumped up my blood, because the outwitting games seem to be running on an enthralling mood.

Reminiscent of the classic period drama series, the countenance of Kim Min Gyu portraying as the series’ hero is so far impressive. Jin Se Yeon, who has worked on several period dramas as always delivered. The veteran actors who will make up the power struggle plot had already established how annoying they can get, and how effective it will be in the series.

Adding to the excitement in unraveling Selection: The War Between Women is the back story between young Lee Kyung and Eun Bo. The former believed the Queen who died was Eun Bo, so the pictured love story for them, hopefully gets to be fulfilled the sweetest.

The scarcity of quality historical dramas has been felt in the recent years. Therefore, this new drama from the looks of it, shapes up to pique the interest of those who likes period series. I, for one, can’t wait to see how the story will conclude.

Selection: The War Between Women airs on TV Chosun every Saturday and Sunday.


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