K-Photo Reel: Ji Chang Wook For Marie Claire June 2019 Issue

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In big smiles and happy-to-be-back with fans aura, Ji Chang Wook graced a pictorial interview with Marie Claire.

Returning from active military service, Ji Chang Wook appears relaxed in the photos shot in in laidback vibe.

(All photos from Marie Claire | June 2019)

Earlier, Ji spent time with his faithful supporters through a fanmeeting. From serenading fans with his soulful voice and gamely participating in the fanmeeting segments, the talented actor impressed everyone with his genuine warmth.

In the released photos, Ji struts different looks of his manly charms. Accentuated with casual, preppy and dapper clothing, he owns the street background like his own runway.

Sharing thoughts about his new drama, he revealed being attracted on the interesting plot of Let Me Melt. The series talks about a mysterious scientific human biology project. Men and women participate in the “Frozen Human Project” where they will be frozen for 24 hours. However, because of a mix-up, they wake up 20 years after.

Further relaying his current state of mind, Ji also recounted the experiences he learned in the army. While on active duty, he participated in the musical Shinheung Military Academy with Kang Ha Neul.

More photos and interview details can be found in the June issue of Marie Claire on book stands and its official website.

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