K-Pop Comeback Spotlight: TOO Energizes With 2nd Mini-Album “Running TOOgether”

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Running TOOgether combines different types of tracks in order to satisfy all of TOO fans’ musical needs.

TOO brings a colorful second mini-album to its fans. Running TOOgether has a little bit of bright fast pace, ballad and dance songs in its compilation. Moreover, it is a good fit for the warm season to either excite its listeners or to let them relax.


Running TOOgether Comeback Countdown Timeline

TOO first announced a comeback at midnight on June 12 after releasing a surprise image on the official social platforms. In particular, it contained a drawn grassy field with the group’s name written on it.

It was followed on June 24 with yet another picture of the field. Although, this time it included images of the members and different balls for sport. Only the type and name of the album were revealed, exciting fans and making them impatient for more.

Finally on June 26, the group graced with the awaited schedule and a date for the release of its mini-album. As stated, the wait was worth it due to the many prepared teaser contents.

The countdown began with a special album trailer. The members portrayed their energetic youthful spirit while hinting at a summer-sports focused comeback.

From June 30 to July 11, the boys released the bright concept photos, taking only a day in between for another teaser. After showing the group shots, the members continued onto their individual images.

Specifically, they each showcased the active summer concept in their own way, presenting the different colors of TOO.



Moreover, in between the images, on July 6, fans received the full track list. Running TOOgether would include five songs, which some of the members took part in creating.

TOO delivered a Highlight Medley, which hinted at the different types of songs the group prepared. Also, the video contained footage from the behind the scenes shooting for the album.

In addition on July 12 and 14, two music video teasers were uploaded for the title song “Count 1, 2”. After creating an intense but intriguing atmosphere in the first one. the second focused on a full-bright image.

The full music video was released at midnight on July 15, a few hours prior to the full album’s reveal.

Running TOOgether Album First Impressions

“Count 1, 2” captures with its bright, funky piano and guitar sounds, which blend with the members’ refreshing voices. Moreover, the song has a bright feel to it and fits very well with the summer season.

Next up, “Step By Step” takes us onto a funky disco ride. In particular, it is a blend between guitar riffs using syncopation rhythms and a 4-bit drum. In addition, the music number pokes at the irresistible feeling to move along to the presented festive feel.

Following up is “Better”, a medium ballad song with a harmonious Brit-pop sensibility. Furthermore, it is a track with comforting feelings which expresses gratitude and love towards TOO’s fans.

The members present the message of overcoming anything as long as the group and its fans are by each other’s side. It is sweetly portrayed through the gentle vocals harmonized with the rap parts.

“Taillight” is another ballad but it combines strong drum beats and contrasting emotional piano and organ sounds. The lyrics impressively compares the fear of the unknown with that of the taillights of a long line of cars.

The last song on the list, “Dancing In The Moonlight” was originally released by King Harvest in 1972. A couple years later, Keane Brothers created a remake which received a lot of love.

This time, TOO took on the challenge to rearrange the well-known song themselves, putting their own colors into it. In particular, the feel of the song was intriguingly enhanced through the unique input rap by the members.

“Count 1, 2” MV Afterthoughts

“Count 1, 2” brought a bright music video with a lot of up-lifting moments. The members showed their energetic sides in the fun holiday themed video. In addition, they presented an exciting up-beat choreography to complete the song’s vibe.

The highlights of the video were the intense moments during which it looked like the boys were having serious arguments. Thankfully that part turned to be nothing more than a bad dream. After this, the celebrations continued until the end,.

With this, TOO announced to be ready to run towards its new goal and bring home more spectacular achievements.

Source and image credit: n.CH Entertainment