K-Pop Music Spotlight: Dustin-ON 1st Mini-Album “0:YOUNG”

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Dustin-ON dropped the rhythmic 0:Young mini-album, showcasing the trio’s talents.

Members JJ, BEL and Daon teamed up to create the first sub-unit of their original group, Dustin-ON. The three are in charge of hip-hop and rap which raised expectations and curiosity for 0:Young.


0:YOUNG Countdown Timeline

Firstly, the trio announced its new project through the respective official social accounts. This grabbed the attention of fans who were already familiar with the boys’ group and were waiting for some kind of a comeback.

On July 30, the members dropped their schedule for 0:Young, giving music lovers something more to look forward to.

During August 3, 4 and 5, each of the boys shared their individual concept images. They managed to portray different charms and vibes, captivating fans’ hearts.

On August 7. Dustin-ON revealed the track list to the mini-album. It also showcased a Mix tape on the side, adding the words “On September” which further raised curiosity.

Later, the unit unveiled a teaser image with the featuring artist, MinA from Holics. The monochrome picture gave off a cool atmosphere for the upcoming collaboration.

Dustin-ON 0 Young

On August 12 and 14, Dustin-ON shared two music video teasers for the title track of the same name as their album. The slow motion during the videos intrigued and hinted at the focus being on the performance.

Lastly, a special credit image was unveiled a day before the album’s release. It showcased the three members’ participation in the creation process, alongside all the rest of the people who worked hard on 0:Young.

0:YOUNG Album Impressions

The mini-album contains a total of three tracks which are actually variations of one song. The difference between them lies in the artists participating in the tracks, as well as the fact the third version is entirely an instrumental one.

“0 (Young)” delivers the double meaning of “0” and “young” which can be taken as “it’s just the beginning” and “we are still young”. The song holds the message about being able to do anything one wants.

In particular, the version with Holic’s main rapper MinA brings a punchy drum sound to the track. It also ads addictive vocal slice samples to the rhythmic elements, enhancing the completion of the song.

Meanwhile, the ON version of the song brings another charm to the music number with the trio’s vocals.

“0 (YOUNG)” MV Afterthoughts

The music video for “0 (Young)” also featured MinA and focused on the choreography. It is easily described as a performance video rather than a story-like clip.

Dustin-ON showed their dancing abilities in a simple but pretty outside setting. This managed to capture viewers’ attention as the song went on.

Source and image credit: LPA Entertainment