Lee Ji Eun Relays Fond Stories About Her Stunning Big Screen Debut In “Broker”

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Marking her first film that earned numerous accolades, the talented artist validated she deserves the title of being a multi-hyphenate.

Broker entered the competition at the 75th Cannes Film Festival and her portrayal of So-young was lauded for how Lee Ji Eun detailed the complex and delicate emotions of a mother who left her baby Woo-sung in the baby box but decides to return and find her.

Filming for her film, Dream, with Park Seo Joon has also been completed hyping more moments for her fans to anticipate her screen projects.

Lee Ji Eun shared her thoughts about Broker and future endeavors in a media interview.


On Her Experience Attending Cannes Film Festival

Stepping on the red carpet of the renowned film festival, Lee Ji Eun expressed how the experience was surreal, that she felt like it was a secret camera moment.

“I couldn’t believe it so much that I thought it was a secret camera moment. It felt like I was in a real movie set with foreign reporters and foreign actors in an exotic atmosphere. Even the appearance of Song Kang Ho, who was enjoying the vibe, was like a movie.”

Notably, after receiving a standing ovation for 12 minutes, Lee Ji Eun confessed that she hopes to go back to the Cannes stage again because of something silly she did.

“Senior Song Kang-ho and Director Kore-eda Hirokazu have already experienced it. The camera zoom-in came in and I made a heart, but I was not confident. This was a real mistake. It was the worst thing I did in Cannes. Next time I have a chance, I want to be confident in anything I do. It made me want to go there once more.”


On Challenging Her First Film Broker

Relaying how she came to work on the project. She shared that she ran into director Hirokazu Koreeda in a restaurant while she was having a meal with Lee Sun Kyun and another director.

Subsequently, a year later, she received the script and had her first meeting with the director.

Portraying the role of a mother, the challenge is evident for Lee Ji Eun. But the actress admitted having thoughts of playing a mother role vaguely.

“I thought that it would be good to play the role of a mother vaguely. I wanted to play the role of a mother who had experience of childbirth without any mother or anything like that. It wasn’t like that at all, and I was surprised too.”

Lee Ji Eun also shares how she processed the emotions of her character.

“I wanted it to be seen as complex in any scene. I empathize with So-young. She has a sense of guilt for abandoning her child. I wanted this character to be seen as a single, exhausted person with a lot of painful parts.”

She adds how So-young is not a typical mother. Because of that, she experienced trouble expressing it.

Confronting that scenario, she affirmed preparing a lot for the role.

“I practiced a lot, and I received a lot of feedback from people I was close to. I thought they would give me honest feedback like it’s really awkward when they listen. I wondered if I would feel repulsed by the swear words, but if I do it again, I want to be a little more relaxed.”

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