Lee Sung Kyung Proves Her Versatility In Two of Her Most Popular Roles To Date

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Lee Sung Kyung is an ethereal goddess.

With her breathtaking beauty and down to earth attitude, it’s no surprise that the actress is well-loved. Aside from her looks, she’s one talented actress as well.


Let’s take a look back on two of Lee’s most memorable dramas and reminisce on her endearing roles.

Baek In Ha in Cheese in The Trap

One of Lee’s characters that truly left a mark on her fans is Baek In Ha. As the spoiled rotten, mean-spirited and evil twin of Baek In H0 (Seo Kang Joon), Lee caught the attention of viewers. Despite the mean character she portrayed, her stunning visuals caught their eye and turned viewers into fans.

Often adorned in glamorous clothes and fancy accessories, Lee got down and dirty in some of her scenes. She often exaggerated her movements and her manner of speaking, which resulted in pretty hilarious scenes.

Lee as Kim Bok Joo in Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo

After roles that amplified her beauty and sense of fashion, Lee deglamorized herself for her next big role. Catching everyone by surprise, Lee took on the role of weightlifter Kim Bok Joo. First of all, Lee chopped off her long and luscious locks, sporting a short blunt bob. Not only did she shock everyone with a fresh new hairstyle, Lee had to appear heavier in the drama, to make her role as a weightlifter believable. Lee often had to don several layers of clothes to look bulkier.

Lastly, Lee was no longer glamorous and dainty. Instead, her character demanded a more immature, rougher portrayal. Often awkward and unsure, Bok Joo was a refreshing character that fans instantly fell in love with. Together with Lee’s on and then off-screen romance with co-star Nam Joo Hyuk, they created a fandom that positively shipped their onscreen romance.

Rediscovering their childhood friendship, Joon Young immediately falls in love with the moody and strong-willed Bok Joo. For the latter, however, it takes longer for her to discover that she, too, has fallen in love with the boy she originally thought of as a friend.

Join Lee Sung Kyung for a Joyful Time

Here’s a great chance for Lee’s Filipino fans to greet their favorite actress. On July 27, Lee will be in Manila for a joyous evening with her fans. Aptly called “Be Joyful: Lee Sung Kyung in Manila”, Lee promises a warm and delightful evening as she finally gets to personally greet her Filipino fans.

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Presented by CDM Entertainment, Lee will treat her fans with a lot of carefully prepared activities. Lee promises a night that will linger in her fans’ hearts for a long time.

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But wait, there’s more! Not only will fans be able to spend time with Lee on July 27, all ticket holders to the event will have a chance to be part of the press conference that will happen on July 26. Check CDM Entertainment’s Facebook page for further details.

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Posted by CDM Entertainment on Monday, 15 July 2019

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