MONSTA X Reveals The Sweet Reason Why They’re Grateful For Their Recent Collabs

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Anyone would be grateful for the same hit projects MONSTA X had been landing left and right – but there’s a special reason why they hold it so dear.

With the great and loaded start their year had gotten, MONSTA X made a heartwarming revelation of what makes them extremely grateful for their recent projects.

Photo from Starship Entertainment

Being one of the top K-Pop acts currently hitting it big internationally, the group has landed so many notable projects which received so much attention and love from the public.

A solid proof of this is rapper maknae I.M’s successful collaboration with Elhae for his latest mixtape’s title track “Horizon”.

Currently, the world is also anticipating for the entire group’s appearance on Cartoon Network’s hit show We Bare Bears with their animated versions which they personally lent their voices to.

Photo from Starship Entertainment

With these projects, MONSTA X is naturally grateful – but there is one reason behind it all which makes everything extra special for the seven boys.

“We greatly appreciate these projects because they are made more precious by the fact that it were Monbebes who made it possible,” I.M shared through his agency.

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True enough – his collaboration with Elhae started with Monbebes letting the artist know how much of a fan the MONSTA X member is of him.

Meanwhile, the boys’ upcoming appearance in We Bare Bears was due to its creator Daniel Chong hearing fans buzzing about how MONSTA X’s leader Shownu resembles one of the cartoon’s lead characters Grizzly.

Photo from Cartoon Network

Because of their upcoming guesting, the group will be the first Korean artist to appear in the popular U.S. animation which airs in approximately 200 countries around the world.

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“We can do great things like these thanks to Monbebes’ support and encouragement. We will do our best to continue communicating actively and showing good performances in the future,” I.M also stated.

MONSTA X’s We Bare Bears appearance will air on May 27 (U.S. standard time) at Cartoon Network.