On Hellokpop Playlist: Song Ji Eun Makes Soothing Sound In “BLOOM”

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Song Ji Eun gifts a song that consoles and heartens in her latest music, “Bloom”.

With the warmth of summer and cold winter nights, a calm and mellow music is the best to accompany you while reminiscing the happy times. And Song Ji Eun has a perfect gift for your lonely autumn. A former member of Secret, Song Ji Eun released her new single album “Bloom” on October 22 as a part of her Four Seasons Project.

“Bloom” is a ballad genre accompanied by a vintage piano feel. With the calm and smooth instrumental comes Song Ji Eun’s appealing voice.

As the soft piano starts the song, Song Ji Eun’s emotion-filled vocals tell us that there will come a time where we will bloom into a big flower. The song also provides a warm consolation to those who are getting tired of their everyday lives.

There’s also one line from the song that will be stuck in everyone’s hearts.

“I’ve buried my small dream on this path
Hoping that a white flower will bloom and comfort me.”

Song Ji Eun’s smooth and warm vocals singing those heartfelt lyrics will definitely give you the comfort you needed.

What’s more impressing is how Song Ji Eun managed to showcase her powerful voice while maintaining the song’s emotion. As expected from the former main vocalist of Secret, her sweet and wide-ranged vocal still stands out from the crowd.

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Song Ji Eun’s 11 Years Of Artistry

Debuted with Secret in 2009, she once mentioned that there were restrictions as to what music they will present to the public. But as she became a soloist, she can now finally say what she wants with the help of music.

As she already marks her 11th year in the music industry, doubts and worries will obviously surround her. But for her, doing her best to provide various content to her fans is more important than being on top. And expressing what’s on her mind and heart is her way to connect to fans who have been anticipating her every activity and music release.

Song Ji Eun Untact Live “Bloom”

Were you also comforted by Song Ji Eun’s sincere voice?

Don’t miss the chance to see Song Ji Eun perform at Untact Live “Bloom” on November 7 at 7PM KST.

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