On Hellokpop Playlist: VERIVERY With The Powerful and Mature ‘Face it’ Series

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While in their second year, VERIVERY has bravely took on the challenge of surpassing the barriers as they determine growth.

It’s been two years since the seven-piece act VERIVERY debuted in 2018 under Jellyfish Entertainment. The nonet sweetly bursts into the scene with their bouncy track “Ring Ring Ring” and had since kicking in through their bright and funky songs “From Now” and “Tag Tag Tag”, which came out in 2019.


They are well-known and widely-loved with their new jack swing releases, which truly match their fresh and young image. But as they face another year, VERIVERY chooses to break out into their sprightly stint and steers into a mature color than their usual sound.

Marking a brand new era, the act released ‘FACE it’ trilogy to prove that they are in for that challenge. The album series has been pitched as a maturation of the group’s sound and image. Through this mini compilation of hand-picked songs from the group, take a brief moment to revel in the growing charms of VERIVERY!

“Lay Back”

VERIVERY celebrates their anniversary and kicked a new decade off as they released FACE ME last January 8. As the first part of their ‘Face it’ series, the album clamors an edgier and more mature vibe, with a strong carrying track “Lay Back”.

Impressively, the music video spotlights on their alter ego and inner selves. Staying true to its album title, FACE ME reverberates on the theme of seeing a different version of themselves that is confined within walls. The result? A splendid mirror choreography flawlessly performed by the members and their second selves.


As the summer arrived faster, VERIVERY revealed the second episode of their ‘FACE it’ series —FACE YOU, on July 1. In the previous episode FACE ME, the group had first encountered their mirror selves. Continuing where they have been locked, this new album speaks the idea of facing someone else to find healing and discover their true self on a different point of view.

Combined with a powerful synthesizer and 808 bass sounds, its title track “Thunder” is a powerful testament of overcoming fear with courage as they eventually become one.


For the third and last installment of their ‘FACE it’ trilogy, VERIVERY presented the world their title track “G.B.T.B”, which stands for “Go Beyond the Barrier.” Through a solid connection with their two previous releases, FACE US takes listeners in a whole new world. With various changes in music, choreography, and style evident, “G.B.T.B” truly breaks beyond their own barriers.

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