Here’s Your First Look At MBN’s Upcoming Drama “The Graceful Family” Official Poster

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MBN continues to ramp up with exciting dramas as they unveil the new poster for Graceful Family.

Lim Soo Hyang and Lee Jang Woo are ready for romance and a happy ending in the drama Graceful Family. The photo shows both a relaxed and glamorous atmosphere at the same time as both lead stars don stylish ensembles. Seated in front of a window, Lim is in a flattering pink dress but has a bored expression on her face. Meanwhile, Lee is dapper in his blue suit and casual white sneakers as he faces Lim and looks at her questioningly. The poster is simple but is telling in its description of the lead characters.


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In the drama, Lim Soo Hyang takes on the character of Mo Seok Hee, the rich daughter of MC Group. Underneath her beautiful exterior, Seok Hee struggles as she has many unanswered questions about her mother’s death 15 years ago. Seok Hee is an ideal woman for marriage, intelligent, beautiful and rich. However she isn’t interested at all. She displays a cold and haughty attitude.

On the other hand, Lee portrays the role of the sincere and lovable lawyer Heo Yoon Do. Lee chose to work on cases in his neighborhood over working for a prestigious law firm. Because of this, he has meetings with his clients in a neighborhood restaurant instead.

Somehow, they meet in the drama and will work to solve the mystery of the death of Seok Hee’s mother.

This drama will be the first project for Lee this year. He was last seen in the drama My Only One in 2018. Meanwhile, Lim had a successful drama, My ID is Gangnam Beauty in 2018, where she paired up with Cha Eun Woo.

Graceful Family premieres on MBN in August.

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