K-Drama Premiere: “Graceful Family” Welcomes Viewers To Hidden Truths Of Korea’s Wealthiest Family

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Graceful Family made its entrance by opening up to an explosive car chase and an affair on a yacht.

And they have only just begun. TOP team of the MC Group can rival the FBI and Presidential Security with its abilities to hack into systems. In order to keep the chaebol family out of trouble, the team stays on top of monitoring their activities and keeps the troublesome heirs out of harm’s way.

Graceful Family



Lim Soo Hyang and Bae Jong Ok were impressive during the first week of the drama. As the only daughter of the MC Group, Mo Seok Hee was ostracized from an early age and forced to live in the US after her mother’s death. She starts to wreak havoc on her family’s life upon her return to Korea.


15 years ago, Seok Hee walked in to find her mother covered with blood on the floor. She had been living alone with her mother and had no one else. Her mother told her that her father was busy and could not live with them. Soon after her mother’s death, she was sent to live alone in the US by her father.

Meanwhile, her father, Mo Cheol Hee, remarried and has two troublesome sons. In addition, his own wife constantly got herself in trouble as well. The family’s youngest family member, Mo Seo Jin, rumored to be Cheol Hee’s illegitimate child. Together, the family brings a lot of trouble to TOP, a team headed by Han Je Kook.

TOP works round the clock to make sure that the family stays out of trouble. It’s not that they don’t cause trouble, but TOP does a great job in cleaning up after the family. TOP comprises of the best members of the Special Forces, an expert hacker, an ex-prosecutor, and a former journalist to name a few. Each of them makes sure that they keep stories of the most powerful family out of the public eye.

Upon hearing news that her grandfather is not doing well, Seok Hee immediately flies back to Korea against her father’s wishes. Je Kook finds out that she’s headed back and is immediately upset. TOP immediately tries to find Seok Hee as she arrives in Korea. Seok Hee manages to evade TOP but immediately gets into trouble and lands in the police station. This is where she first encounters Heo Yoon Do and they immediately don’t get along. Yoon Do also witnesses Seok Hee finally encounter TOP as they try to take her away.

Seok Hee leaves with Yoon Do and heads straight for the hospital. She visits her grandfather for the first time in fifteen years. Later on, Seok Hee gets a cold welcome from her family, most especially her father. Seok Hee is defiant and ill-mannered but refuses to leave, stating that she has the most right to stay in the house, being the legitimate child.

Seok Hee encounters Yoon Do again when she gets into a scuffle with Choi Na Ri, Seo Jin’s mother. She decides to offer Yoon Do a job. Although he hesitates at first, he accepts it to make his father’s life easier. Yoon Do starts working as a member of TOP. Seok Hee enlists Yoon Do to do her investigation for her while TOP tests out his abilities by finding an erring employee who attempted to betray the MC Group. However, things get a little out of hand when Seok Hee is framed and is arrested for drug possession.


Graceful Family


Right off the bat, Lim impressed me with her acting. I think her role as Mo Seok Hee will be one of my favorites. She is confident and spunky but with a lot of heart. She comes across as spoiled and arrogant, but in several scenes during the premiere week, she revealed a warm heart that goes beyond her family’s riches.

Additionally, Lee Jang Woo has not changed at all. I’ve watched him in several of his dramas, and it’s amazing that after all these years, he still looks the same. Lee as Yoon Do proves to be a good fit. As the hardworking lawyer clearly out of his element at TOP, he shows off his intelligence well. I also can’t wait to see the romance between his character and Seok Hee.

Overall, the story engrossed me from the very beginning. I’m pretty sure TOP framed Seok Hee to keep her out of the way and let her stay in jail to avoid causing trouble. I can’t wait to see how the story develops and given the capability of TOP, I wonder if they will fail in the upcoming episodes.

Graceful Family is currently airing on MBN every Wednesday and Thursday.