K-Drama Premiere: “Legal High” Takes Light And Hilarious Mood In A Courtroom Setting

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Legal High premiered on February 8 via jTBC. The drama is quirky and fun just as promised.

Legal High *Image via JTBC

Legal High *Image via JTBC

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The Korean adaptation of Legal High premiered this week. Deviating from the usual serious courtroom dramas, actor Jin Goo provided a refreshing take as the successful lawyer Go Tae Rim. He is overconfident and sassy. He knows his value as a lawyer and he isn’t afraid to verbalize it.

Premiere Week Recap

The Quirky but Ridiculously Entertaining Go Tae Rim

Legal High

Go Tae Rim (Jin Goo) is a ruthless lawyer with a 100% success rate. Money talks for this quirky and arrogant lawyer. He is kind only to those who can pay his high price.

He started working for B&G Law Firm under the wing of Bang Dae Han (Kim Byung Ok). An argument led to their separate ways. Tae Rim set up his own firm with Koo Se-Joong and took in Kang Ki-Seok (Yoon Park) as his mentee.

Tae Rim does everything with flair. He’s arrogant, cocky and overbearing. To be able to win his cases, he employs three steps: collect heartwarming stories about his client, collect complaints about the officers in charge, and put them together and get the media involved. He wins his cases by getting the public’s sympathy for his clients.

The Timid and Cowardly Seo Jae In

Legal High

Seo Jae In is a timid lawyer who believes that the justice system still works. She loves boxing but can’t picture herself hitting anyone. She thinks of the legal repercussions first, but basically she can’t because she’s too cowardly. Due to a traumatic experience with her former boss, she transferred to B&G Group.

Her first client is her childhood friend. He is wrongly accused of murder. Byung Tae specifically asked for rookie lawyer Jae In, who defended him in class when they were young. However, they lost the case. Jae In applied for a retrial. Since she is not confident in herself, she needs to find a lawyer who can surely win for them.

Tae Rim and Jae In Strike A Deal

Legal High

Jae In and Tae Rim’s paths cross several times. These encounters are all unpleasant as Tae Rim is proud and unaccommodating. Jae In is shocked when the high-flying lawyer who is highly recommended for her friend’s retrial is none other than the egoistic Tae Rim.

Desperate, Jae In strikes a deal with Tae Rim. He agrees to take on her friend’s retrial if she works for his law firm. Jae In leaves B&G Group and starts working for Tae Rim.

Mentor vs Mentee

Legal High

It is no secret that ever since Tae Rim left the company, his former mentor Dae Han holds a heavy grudge. He works the lawyers in the firm to the bone just to beat Tae Rim. So far they have been unsuccessful.

Tae Rim discovers that Sang Koo, one of the B&G lawyers, is behind an assault on him, Tae Rim seeks revenge. He takes away B&G law firm’s client DN Group.

Dae Han is livid. Joo Kyung suggests that they hire Tae Rim’s previous mentee, Ki Seok.

On the day of the retrial of Jae In’s friend, Tae Rim bounces to court confidently. Once he sees Ki Seok with his former mentor Dae Han, he is shocked beyond words. Tae Rim performs poorly in court and is in danger of losing his first case ever.

Out of anger, he takes it out on Jae In and tells her to leave his law firm.

Premiere Week Afterthoughts

Legal High

I have to say, Jin Goo was excellent in the premiere week of Legal High. His character is confident and cocky. His actions and mannerisms are unexpected because they’re so silly. As a lawyer, he acts nonsensically. His confidence in himself is so high that he can act ridiculous and get away with it. I love that Jin Goo totally embraced the laughable aspect of his character because honestly he made me laugh several times.

The premise of the story is interesting enough. Tae Rim used to be mentored by Dae Han of the B&G Group. He now owns his law firm and is very successful with it. The story sets the viewers to wonder which way Tae Rim’s career will go, given the cliffhanger at the end of episode 2.

As a rookie lawyer, Seo Eun Su as Seo Jae In hasn’t made as big of an impact as Jin Goo has. Her character development began nicely in the first two episodes. We are immediately taken back to her childhood when she was left by her father (Ahn Nae Sang). But as a rookie lawyer, I would like to see her acting level up more to match Jin Goo’s energetic and hilarious Tae Rim.

Legal High started off on a great note, deviating from the usual seriousness of courtroom drama. Jin Goo injected humor and energy by his comical portrayal of Tae Rim. I can’t wait for next week.

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