K-Drama Premiere: “The Secret Life Of My Secretary” Boasts Charming Visuals & Entertaining Scenarios

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The Secret Life of My Secretary was well-received as it premiered on SBS.

Relying on excellent scenes and an interesting story line, The Secret Life of my Secretary is off to a good start. TnT director Do Min Ik is well-known in the company to fire his secretaries after exactly one year. However, Jung Gal Hee hoped that he would change his mind if he sees how hard she worked.

The drama is light-hearted and easy to watch. The cast members complement each other well, especially the secretaries Gal Hee worked with.

The Secret Life of my Secretary


Premiere Week Recap

Talented and successful, Do Min Ik (Kim Young Kwang) has everything going for him. His secretary, Jung Gal Hee (Jin Ki Joo), arranges his entire life for him and caters to all his needs. She’s constantly castigated by the other secretaries for being at Min Ik’s beck and call, saying that she’s lowering the dignity of the secretaries in the company. However, Gal Hee works hard because she wants to provide well for her siblings.


Unfortunately for Gal Hee, Min Ik follows a tradition of firing his secretary after one year. Stumbling on an instance of one secretary who lasted longer, she held high hopes. However, she still did not make the cut. Extremely upset, she meets up with her fellow secretaries to plot her revenge against her boss. They follow him to the pier, where he’s set to meet his childhood friend Dae Ju. Once there, Gal Hee stumbles on Min Ik being attacked by a mysterious man.


Both men struggle in combat until Min Ik is pushed off the ledge and falls to the ground. When he comes to, he’s in the hospital and can no longer recognize faces. The only face he can see clearly is his former secretary Gal Hee.


Min Ik repeatedly tries to convince Gal Hee to come back and work for him. However, her wounded pride prevents her from immediately agreeing. Only her sister’s acceptance into an international university pushes Gal Hee to agree to return to work.

Meanwhile, Min Ik’s childhood friend Dae Ju acts suspiciously. Despite not appearing as agreed at the pier, Min Ik finds out that his friend was actually there before he was attacked. Furthermore, police discover that Dae Ju previously spoke to the man who attacked Min Ik.

Next week’s episodes get more exciting as Veronica Park is introduced as Min Ik’s blind date. Also, they hired the man who attacked Min Ik as his driver. However, Min Ik is unaware that he’s the one who attacked him.

Premiere Week Afterthoughts

Usually, I can already tell if I’m going to enjoy a drama immensely by the first 30 minutes of the episode. And this drama is going to be one of them. It’s light and entertaining and the cast clearly prepared for their roles well.

I’ve seen several dramas of Kim, but this role is a lot more different from the previous ones I’ve watched. He’s spoiled and demanding, yet he hides an insecurity because of his childhood surgery. He’s paranoid about getting sick, so he avoids crowded places and sports. Even his penchant for firing his secretaries after one year stems from a former secretary he had for three years. The drama set up an intriguing story line guaranteed to make viewers want to tune in to the next episodes.

This will surely be a drama that viewers will want to watch due to the interesting bond of Min Ik and Gal Hee. Their chemistry is pleasant to watch and Jin Ki Joo is adorable as the “minion secretary” of her domineering boss.

The Secret Life of My Secretary airs every Monday and Tuesday on SBS. It’s also available on Viu.